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find stolen iphone

How to Track & Find Stolen iPhone?

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Smartphone is now days major and essential part of our life, and if you are iPhone user like me then surely iPhone is like your best friend, but what if you lost your phone, suppose you go somewhere and someone stolen your iPhone, surely you will feel like crazy because your iPhone contains you many important and private data like images, documents etc.

find stolen iphone

When you realize that your iPhone is lost somewhere then you try to call on your number because this is the first thing which we generally do when our phone lost somewhere, and also generally you may find that your iPhone is switched off because a person who stolen your phone remove your sim card from your iPhone, now what will you do?

Don’t worry, I have a solution for you, simply follow the below steps to get back your stolen iPhone.

Find stolen iPhone – procedure

Method 1: Find My iPhone App

It is most common App on all iOS devices. When you first setup your iPhone, it automatically prompts to install. So, I suppose you already installed this app. If you don’t, then, you can install it from the App store. Just remember to use the same Apple account for iCloud and Find My iPhone App.

If you lost your phone and it has this App installed then, you can remotely access your phone location from iCloud Website. It also allows you to manually play different sounds, music or voice on your lost phone. This way you can get the phone in your hands easily by conveying messages to any individual who have your phone.

Now, what if you don’t have any of these enabled on your phone. Then, you can follow below givens steps which will help you find your phone.

Method 2: Contact police

I think this will be the best option for you because Police can track your phone location with IMEI number even when Sim card changed. So, I will advise you to go to the police and file a complaint.

Prepare your Paperwork

When you file a complaint, it’s important to have all papers which prove that you are the real owner of your phone. So, prepare your papers before filing a complaint to the Police.

So, that’s it with the tips. I hope it helps you to find your Stolen Phone. If you want any more help regarding this topic, then ask via comments.

Hope the above method helps you to find your stolen iPhone, if you have any query or doubt then let me know by below commenting. 


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