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Top Reasons To Avoid Free Hosting

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If you are going to create a website then it mainly requires a domain name and a hosting space. There are so many free platforms where you can create your site like BlogSpot, WordPress.com but they come with a great deal limitations. A professional webmaster`s first and best approach is to get a self hosted site. The easiest way is to a get a WordPress blog and for this you need a Domain and a WordPress compatible hosting company.

In Recent Years, The top free hosting services like BlogSpot, Geocities, WordPress.com, type pad etc. have helped in tremendous growth of blogosphere. But also, many among these free hosts do not seem as good as they sound.

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Problems with free hosting:

I also know that free hosting are very cheap and you do not have to spend a penny on your hosting site, but believe all these free webhosting companies use this freemium model to promote their premium services. In this article I am going to share some of the top issues that will explain why you should avoid free hosting for your website.

Free Hosted Blog can die at any time

The major issue with these free companies is that they can close their free services at anytime. But as per the terms and policies these companies definitely inform you before closing their services because they promise in their terms and policies. You might think that after they close what is the use of this information?

So, using this information you can easily move all content to new server. Above all if they completely close their services then you can even not redirect your old links and so all your old links will become dead.

You cannot sell your free hosted blog

It will really hard to digest this truth but it is the real fact that your free hosted blog is not your own property. For sureness, you can read the terms and condition of BlogSpot. It clearly mentions you that you can’t sell, share, and transfer your BlogSpot blog to any other person.

It is another fact that you can secretly sell your blog to someone but if BlogSpot identifies your blog then they can close your blog and will be removed from search engine index as well.

There is no control on server resources for you

When you use a free hosting for your website then you have no control on your blog server resources. If your blog stands popular in Digg, delicious or in some others then your blog will definitely go down.

There is no safety

I am not telling this tip to you to make this post lengthy but you can think it yourself that free hosting service providers are not so fool that they can spend a good amount of cash on your security issues. So, just think if your blog gets popular but the security to your site is not enough then it is more likely that your site gets hacked by others.

So these are some of the top reasons why you should avoid free hosting for your website. If you like this post helpful then share it among your various social friends and if you know about any other issue then feel free to leave a comment in the comment box.

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