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Top Anti-theft Apps for Android

Top Anti Theft Apps For Android Devices

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Now a days phones come in different sizes and shapes, prices also vary from phone to phone. While the cost of some mobile phones is available at throw away price; the most popular ones you have to pay an arm and a leg. When it comes to price variations, it is clear that you either have a low cost mobile phone or a high cost mobile phone. The funny things is, our smartphones became part of our lives and are no longer just mere gadgets.  Our phones carry our personal data, information, contacts and many other things about us. In short, smartphones are the dream gateway hackers and stalkers want to have.

It’s needless to say the difficulty one might face when he/she lost his phone. The fact is a lot of us consider our phones more valuable than our other possessions. It’s time to alleviate your fears from your heart just thinking about ‘’what will I do when someone has stolen my phone?’’ A handy anti-theft app could save you from identity theft and unauthorized access of your information in your phones.
These antitheft or antivirus applications are very useful in tracking your stolen phones and also remove unnecessary and harmful data that maybe on your devices. Let’s have a brief look to them:

Kaspersky Internet Security for Android

kaspersky for android

KasperSky Internet Security is one of the best multipurpose applications that provides premium security and safeguards your Android device. This app has a very nice anti-theft functionality that goes hand in hand with its antivirus features. It has a Mug shot feature that takes the snapshot of a person who is using your device and saves the picture on its server. Note that this functionality only works if it is in enabled mode and connected to the internet. This anti theft app also provides you the following features:

  • Remote Lock
  • Sound the alarm,
  • Wipe off phone data remotely from your device
  • It can also provide all the information about the new SIM card installed on your phone


Android Anti-Theft Apps 2015

lookout mobile securityLockout is very different from the other anti theft applications. It is highly dedicated for the Android smart phones and comes with anti-virus features. This app has some simple features but what it has are very effective. It helps in locating your device by “screaming your devices location”. Screaming means mapping the location of your stolen phone and enabling an alarm on it. Lockout automatically saves the location of your device in case the battery on your phone is getting low. This anti-theft app has an outstanding feature that sends a message to the registered email address with the photographs and exact location of the person who entered the device password incorrectly 5 times.

These are just two of the best anti-theft apps based on millions of reviews by users around the world. However there are so many others out there that may fit your needs. The most popular anti-theft apps for Android mobile phones include:

  1. Trust Go Mobile Security
  2. Avast! Anti-theft
  3.  AVG Antivirus for Android

If you have used any of the said anti theft apps for Android above, let us know about your experience and why you think what sets the app you’re using from the others on this list.

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