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Top 8 Good Apps for Android!

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Android phones are more popular than ever before and even surpassing Apple’s iPhone in the marketplace. In fact, over 80 percent of the smartphones sold worldwide are Android phones. And what makes Android such popular devices are the good apps for Android. So, what are the good apps for Android that you should have right now? Let’s find out!

Sphero SPRK

Sphero SPRK is a one of the simplest programming languages and code editor apps that allows you to program your Sphero. A Sphero, is an app-based ball or a connected toy that represents the most advanced form of robotics that is accessible to the masses. The Sphero SPRK makes programming the Sphero simple, even if you are not an advanced programmer.

You may download Sphero SPRK here.

Yahoo LiveText

How about an app that allows you to have a video chat with a friend without actually speaking with him or her? That’s what Yahoo LiveText does. Why do you need such an app? Well, imagine you are in a library, meeting or in a classroom and you need to share something with a friend on video chat, but without making a sound. So what do you do? Use Yahoo LiveText! You can simply have a text based video chat with your friend without disturbing anyone.

You may download Yahoo LiveText here.

Hello Heart

Did you know that 31 percent of Americans are affected by high blood pressure? That’s why Hello Heart is such a handy app to have for your Android. It helps you keep track of your blood pressure readings and allows you to monitor any risk you face from this condition constantly. You can also add all your prescription medications to this app and get timely reminders.

You may download Yahoo LiveText here.


Accomplish is an app that helps you remember the important tasks that you want to, well, accomplish. You will have a lot of fun planning the tasks you wish to perform, by simply dragging your tasks from the to-do list to “Day View”, which is a calendar like feature. The elegant design is the highlight of the app.

You may download Accomplish here.


So, have you ever had a problem remembering the lyrics to your favorite songs? Then you need to download Genius, which breaks down the lyrics and offers line-by-line annotations.  It also allows you to search for and up or down-vote annotations. There are many other fun features on Genius that you will enjoy as well.

You may download Genius here.

Microsoft Translator

Microsoft Translator does what a translator ought to do, which is to translate voice or text from over 50 different languages. It is also perfectly compatible with Android Wear, so you don’t have to use your smartphone every time you need a translation. You can simply use your smartwatch and access Microsoft Translator, especially when you are travelling.

You may download Microsoft Translator here.


If you’re going to Disneyland soon, then you really need to download the Disneyland app. This way, you can check the wait times for the most popular rides and find out where your favorite Disney characters are located. This is a great app for parents with enthusiastic young children on their first trip to Disneyland. The GPS-enabled maps on this app allow you to find the best attractions, shops and restaurants at Disneyland with ease.

You may download Disneyland here.


Robinhood is one of the best stock market apps out there, which helps you to access market data and stock market quotes in real time. You can even trade on the stock market with Robinhood without having to pay any brokerage fees for the transactions.

You may download Robinhood here.



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