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top Windows 8 phone apps

Top 5 Must Have Apps for Windows Phone 8

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Though windows phones are not very popular as Android and iOS, but one really can’t deny the fact that they are a bit of user friendly and unblemished fast. So here we made a list of Top 5 must have apps for Windows 8 phones.

Below Listed apps are most liked app by Windows phone user, if you are windows user then you should the below listed app once, we are sure that you will like all the listed apps, if you will feel we missed some thing then comment below with app details we will also add that app.

Best Windows phone apps

5 Best Apps of Windows 8 Phones

1. Xbox SmartGlass

Xbox SmartGlass is another formidable product by Microsoft, as we know they are trying to make Windows more popular among the smart phone users as it is with the desktop/laptop users. Xbox SmartGlass can turn your phone into remote control and it also can create a second screen within the phone. It allows the users to handle Xbox one or Xbox 360 on the go and collect information about the games which is being played earlier. So this app is absolutely A-OK for any kind of gamer.

2. MoliPlayer pro

Very often we hear that even an Android budget phone can play almost all kind of media formats available in the barter, now don’t be sad, MoliPlayer pro is a Windows app that can help you to watch, play or listen almost any kind of media format in your phone, though it is not supported on the default music or movie player. MoliPlayer also has the ability to play any video with subtitles in it and you can just throw any uncommon formats to it such as, .mkv, .flac MoliPlayer will never disappoint you.

3. Netflix

You may have heard the name Netflix, it is a app which can instantly turn your mobile into a idiot box and empowers you to watch your favorite TV shows on your mobile or download it, no matter where you are or what time is it. Every windows phone users can use this app for one month for free to see if Netflix is really worthy to spend money on it. However, with regular episode updates Netflix is really catching up with the mainstream.

4. Kindle

Who says there is no good e-book reader for Windows phones, proving that fact wrong Amazon developed a quality e-book reader called Kindle. With this very application Windows users can indubitably catch up with the latest literary releases and the bestseller books in the market. Kindle also has a marketplace for the latest books which maintains a straightforward purchasing process. After downloading the e-books you can read them seamlessly with Kindle.

5. Spotify

Tired of finding latest songs over the internet? Then Spotify is the ultimate solution for you, by subscribing into Spotify, a windows app, it will automatically keep you updated with every single sought-after tracks releasing almost every day. Spotify also has a social feature, which allows you to check what your friends are listening at the very moment unlike any other music apps available in the market.

So, these are the top 5 windows 8 apps, I hope you like my article and apps too. If you have any suggestion or query feel free to give your feedback and ask your question via below comment box.


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