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Top 5 Google Reader Alternatives

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Famous RSS subscription portal, Google Reader is now retired. Earlier, people used Google reader, but the service was shut down this year in July. Now it’s time to find best Google Reader alternatives. After shutting down of Google reader a new hope arose among other RSS feed reader services, and all of them improved their services in a race to build the perfect alternative for the service’s refugees. There are now dozens of alternatives out there – improved old ones as well as new.

Today we are going to show the Top 5 Google Reader Alternatives

Google reader alternative

Here are the top five (free) alternatives to Google Reader 

1)    Feedly: Feedly is the most popular free RSS feed reader after Google Reader. Feedly has a clean, beautiful and a familiar interface that work exactly like Google Reader. It offer tons of cool features that users can customize, such as – reading pane to view only titles, a card view, titles with a magazine view & lead thumbnail image view. Apart from the numerous settings in preferences, it also offers various sharing options such as Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Pocket, Instapaper, LinkedIn etc. Feedly’s extension supports mostly all browses like Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Mobile app is also available for Apple’s iOS and Android.

Feedly webpage: www.feedly.com

Google reader alternatives

2)    Digg: Digg is new in the world of RSS feed reader services. Digg has a simple and clean interface. Those who want a simple and clean interface then Digg is a good option. In Digg, sharing option is limited to Facebook and Twitter, but Digg allows user to set up connections to Pocket, Readability or Instapaper to view selected content later. The most popular feature of Digg is that users can “Digg” stories that breaks down the most popular stories appearing on your RSS feed. A few functions are missing in Digg such as “Mark as Unread” and “View Unread Items Only” options. But, don’t worry Digg is planning to add this feature very soon.

Digg webpage: www.digg.com

Google reader alternatives

3)    Flipboard:  If you want an RSS feed reader for your mobile phone then Flipboard is the best option for you. Flipboard gives a more visual approach to stories (content) as it presents feeds in a magazine style and news reader format. Using Flipboard, users can easily share stories on social media sites Facebook, Twitter & Tumblr. Flipboard is available for Apple’s iOS and Android. The disadvantage of Flipboard is that users cannot read their stories (feed) on a Laptop or Desktop as it’s only available for Smartphones or tablets.

Flipboard webpage: www.flipboard.com

Google reader alternatives

4)    Old Reader: If you are looking for just a basic RSS feed reader, then Old Reader is a good option for you. Old reader is very simple and easy to use, and is looking very similar to Google Reader. Adding and importing feeds is very easy on Old Reader, but the user is provided with very limited sharing options. Users who are just concerned with reading feeds must opt for Old Reader. It is also available as on the app in Apple’s iOS store.

Old Reader webpage: www.theordreader.com

Google reader alternatives

5)    AOL Reader: After the shutting down of Google Reader, AOL Reader improved their features to make a good position in the world of RSS feed reader services, seizing the opportunity to make a good position in the market. To me, when google decided to go out from the competition, AOL Reader decided to enter into the RSS feed reader market, AOl readers has a decent interface which is very familiar. It provides lots of features like sharing, mark as read, set preferences etc. Sharing options it bit well from Old Reader and Pulse. AOL announces that the Search option is also coming on this weak.

AOL Reader webpage: www.reader.aol.com

Google reader alternatives

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