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10 UnderRated wordpress plugins

Top 10 Underrated WordPress Plugins 2015

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Here are some of the most useful yet underrated plugins you may not have heard of yet. It is also possible that the Plugins you use for your wordpress account is very nice with good features but there may be other plugins  out there which may be better than the Plugins you use. To solve this contradiction among the people, I am going to list top 10 underrated wordpress Plugins that I have personally used and what my experience was while using them.

Custom Query String

As you know WordPress is one of the most flexible platforms to use when creating a website. Sometimes it is difficult to put the limited number of content on homepage of your blog and some other on archives, categories and the search result page. The problem only occurs because you cannot  set this all up in your WordPress control panel. Custom Querry Plugin helps you in solving this problem and allows you to configure the number of content for each individual page type.

Clean Archives

Most of the blogs waste their lots of blog space in displaying monthly archives section on the sidebar. In my opinion the most appreciate way is that there should be a single page where all the posts are displayed month by month and that is exactly what Clean Archives Plugin helps you in.

Head Meta Description

Although Head Meta description is no longer used by most of the search engine but it is very important for your blog. Having the same Meta description on the entire page on your blog can leads your blog to the supplemental hell. Head Meta Description plugin helps you in creating the Creating the dynamic Head Meta Description for all the pages on your blog.


To run so many features on your wordpress blog, it may ask you for run some PHP code first. If you not run the PHP code your wordpress will no longer recognize the feature. Exec-PHP plugin helps you in enabling PHP code virtually on all the pages of your blog.

Chunk URLs

Sometimes, users post some big URL in the comment box and it leads to give an ugly look to your website and also break the design of your blog in some browsers. Chunk URLs Plugin helps in breaking these long URL in smaller one without causing any damage to the link. This is useful if you allow your website visitors’ to leave URLs in the comment field.

Enforce WWW Preference

If your blog uses WWW and non-WWW URLs (http://www.example.com and http://example.com) You may encounter SEO problems in the long run. This is because most search engines think that these two are different websites in turn, your back link count will be splitted to these to URLs. To solve this problem you need to set up a 301 permanent redirect. Enforce WWW. Preference Plugin helps in setting up this redirect feature to your blog. After you activate this plugin on your blog, all the visitors are redirected to the address that is specified on the WordPress control panel (www or non-www).


As a blogger the first measure to protect your content is to add a copyright notice to a feed, with a link posting with your site. Sig2feed helps in creating a copyright notice on your blog and it is very light plugin to use.


If you want to make sure that your feed statistic is almost accurate and correct then you need to install Feedsmith Plugin to your site. This plugin helps in forwarding all the feed requests of your WordPress feed to Feedburner.

W-P cache

W-P cache is one of the best and popular Plugins for WordPress to decrease the load  time of your blog from the server. This plugin is also very useful in handling sudden traffic burst coming out from the social bookmarking sites.

Jerome’s keyword

This plugin helps you to tag individual posts and to create an internal tag cloud system along with internal tags.

So these are the top 10 underrated wordpress plugin in my opinion. If you find these plugin helpful, share it among your various social friends and if you think about any other then we are eagerly waiting for your comments.

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