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7 Tips on How to Hack a Wi-Fi Password

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Why would you want to hack a wi-fi password and how could it be done asks techypassion.com?

There are about thousands of wireless connections out there that your computer or laptop can connect to. If it weren’t for the password lock on them, you could have been riding on a connection with a higher bandwidth by now. So close yet so far away is the best way to describe a situation like this.


If only your own Wi-Fi was not on the fritz or if your neighbors were a little more inviting, things would be different. You could just go to the café and get free internet access along with some coffee down the street. Or you can do one better; hack the passwords of your neighbors.


It is not an easy thing to pull off, but it is also not that hard. To show you how to go through the gates of digital security, look to these steps.


  1. Enable The Wireless Receiver

hack a wi-fi password
This is basic but necessary. If the computer is not scanning for any new connections, just right-click the wireless icon in the lower right corner of the screen and select “Search for Available Wi-Fi Networks.” In under a minute or so, you will have access to a list of connections on your desktop.


  1. Reset The Router

hack a wi-fi password
Before attempting this, try to log into the router first. That will allow you to reset your password in case you have forgotten it. The only problem with this is that you don’t know the password to the router either. The passwords for the connection and the Wi-Fi are never the same unless you made it that way.


You can do this if only you had physical access to the router. The rest button is a narrow area that can only reset using a pen or a needle. Hold it for about 10 seconds and it will change back to its factory settings. If your router is the one that came with your ISP, check the stickers before you hit the reset.


You could find the passwords written on them. Once you have reset it, you will need another password to access the router. The URL for the router is usually either or or any variation of this. You can retrace the username and password of your router from the site known as RouterPasswords.com.


You will also need the router’s model number, which you can find the back or bottom of the device.


  1. What Else You Need


A compatible wireless adapter is the biggest requirement for your hacking operation. The wireless card has to be compatible with the CommVIew for Wi-Fi software that you will be using. Using the ability of the software at hand, your wireless card can go into monitor mode.


This is necessary to capture the packets from the desired network adapter. After capturing the packets, use Aircrack-ng GUI to track real-time.


  1. Setting Up Commview For Wi-Fi


Download the zip file for CommView for Wi-Fi first from its official download page. Then extract the file and run setup.exe the software. When it opens up for the first time, it will show you a driver installation guide or you may read installation guide on Best Essay Help Deal. Follow the steps to install the driver for your wireless card.


Then run the program to start scanning for wireless networks. It will scan for the wireless networks channel by channel. After a couple of minutes, you will see a long list of connections with their security type and signal. Now all that’s left is to pick a network.


  1. Select The Target Network And Capture Packets

This step will only work for WEP encrypted networks, so when you pick a network, be sure that it has WEP next to it. Choose a connection with the highest signal. Each of the networks will have details in the right column. Also, make sure that the WEP network that you choose has the lowest decibel value.


When you have your target network selected, click Capture to start capturing the packets from the desired channel. But to capture packets from only the desired networks, here’s what you should do:


  • Right click the desired network and then click to copy MAC Address.
  • To the Rules tab on the top
  • Choose MAC Address on the left-hand side
  • Enable MAC Address rules
  • For ‘action’ select ‘capture’ and for ‘record’ select ‘both
  • Then paste the MAC Address copied earlier in the box below


  1. Wait For It


Waiting is often boring but you will need to be patient if you want this to work. But you must also remember to export some packets as well. Here’s how you do it:


  • Go to the log tab and click on concatenate logs
  • Select all the logs that were saved before
  • Look into the folder where the concatenated logs have been saved
  • Open log file
  • Pick File- Export -Wire shark TCP dump format and choose your destination
  • It will save the log files with a .cap extension to that location.


  1. Now Crack


Finally, the moment of truth is here. First, download Aircrack-ng and extract the zip file. Open the file and then navigate to ‘bin’. Run the software and choose WEP. Go to the .cap file that you had saved earlier and then click launch. In the command prompt, type in the index number of your desired network channel.


Just wait until a wireless key will be shown and you are good to go.

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