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Three Easy Methods To Unlock Memory Card Password

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Remove memory card password


Why should you know how to unlock memory card password?

The memory card is a small drive that stores large digital files. Memory cards are used to store documents, music, videos, images and other important files. Passwords are used to protect the data in a memory card so that it does not fall into the wrong hands.

However, here’s the problem – what if you lose the password or simply forget it? That would mean losing access to all the data in the memory card and not being able to use it yourself. That’s why you need to know how to remove memory card password.

The three methods given help will help you remove memory card password when you have lost the one used by you. None of the methods give here are difficult and you can use them yourself, without assistance.

Method #1.

This method is for Android users. You can use it to unlock memory card password if you are using an Android device. The steps are easy enough.

  • Download the ES file explorer from Google Play here and open it. Link
  • Locate a file called mmcstore in the system folder
  • Transfer the file mmcstore into your PC using a data cable
  • Open the mmcstore file using notepad on your computer
  • On opening the file, you will be able to see your memory card password clearly.
  • You can now use this password to unlock the memory card.

This method is as easy as it gets.

Method #2.

It is possible that the method given above may not work. In that case, this method would give you better results. Not only does this method help you unlock your memory card password, it also formats the memory card. It’s really quite easy. Here’s how it works.

  • Insert the memory card on which the password has been lost into your phone.
  • Connect the phone to a computer using a data cable.
  • Format the memory card by right clicking on the memory card drive and selecting “format”. No password is required for this.
  • Now, following the formatting, the memory card will be unlocked.

However, once you format the memory card, all your data on it will be lost forever. This is a huge disadvantage of this method and so you should only use it as a last resort, when nothing else is working.

Method #3.

This method unlocks the memory card without using a PC. For this method to work, you will have to get a Nokia N series or a Nokia E series phone. You should get a Nokia N series or Nokia E series phone for this as they come with a simple and safe “format” option which makes it easy for you to remove the memory card password.
Here’s how this method works.

  • Insert the memory card on which the password has been lost into a Nokia N series or Nokia E series phone.
  • Open the memory card drive; you will get an option to format it. So use the option. No password will be asked during the formatting of the memory card.
  • The memory card will unlock, but the problem here is that you will lose all your data. So, this is the biggest disadvantage of this method. But at least, you will get your memory card back and it will be as good as new.

So, we have given you 3 simple methods for unlocking your memory card. You should start with Method #1 and try out Method #2 and Method #3 only if the first method fails. Ideally, you should be able to unlock your memory card and still retain all your data. Formatting the memory card to remove the password should be your last option.

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