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Things we would like to see in Windows 9

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Windows 8 is not very popular; this has led to Microsoft creating updated versions of windows operating systems, windows 8.1 and windows 8.2 even though windows 8.2 is yet to be received. Majority o f desktop users look for simplicity and efficiency in their chosen operating systems. Windows 8 has brought a lot of debates as moist users come to a conclusion that the operating system is so complicated and the many updates and need for internet connection makes it worse as not everyone has access to internet connection. This has made the operating system not be as popular as it has been because it is not suitable for everyone.

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Expected Features of Windows 9

Do up with recurring updates

The most irritating thing about windows 8 is the recurring updates that occur from time to time. Microsoft should do away with this in the windows 9 operating system and if they really have to ask for updates, at least do it after a year or a reasonable time. Not everyone is comfortable with all those updates keeping popping up especially of you are doing something important with your device. Microsoft should really look at this and try to come up with a convenient way that will satisfy all users.

Software compatibility

This is also a major topic that has risen with many users complaining that windows 8 does not support some of the softwares that users may want to use and this bring a lot of controversies. We all expect that Microsoft will fix thing by introducing a windows 9 operating system that will be able to adapt to the devices that different users are using and be able to allow some of the softwares that the user wants to use.

Ease of accessibility

Windows 8 has raised a lot of questions from users since it was launched. Up to date, not everyone can be able to efficiently use the operating system because of the accessibility being a little bit complicated. The metro design should be made a little bit easier and this may be made possibly if Microsoft introduces a Start menu.

Introduce the Start Menu

One of the biggest buzz and problem with windows 8 is it not having a Start menu.  The Start menu is the easiest way for user to be able to access whatever they wait in the shortest time and most convenient way. Microsoft should definitely include a Start Menu in the new Windows 9 operating system. This will be great news for many windows users and will without doubt have most users than the windows 8 operating system.

No Separate Windows & Modern Apps

Currently, Windows 8 consists of two types of application scenario: Desktop and Modern. Desktop apps are traditional apps that open up in windowed UI and all the users are quite familiar with it. Modern apps were introduced in Windows 8 as the part of the new Start screen and Windows RT. With Windows 8.1 Update 1, Microsoft added better support for mouse and keyboard (those who don’t have touch screen PC) when using the Modern UI. The Modern apps now show a toolbar on the top for minimizing and closing the app. Also, right-clicking the tiles on Start screen show normal popups instead of showing options at the bottom of the screen, as it used to.

These changes were welcomed, but the problem of two different layouts remains. With the latest leaks of the next version of Windows (code name: Threshold), it seems that Microsoft is listening to its customers once again, and now these Modern apps may open in the traditional Windows desktop with a windowed UI.

This whole Modern application thing is not as bad as it sounds. There are some great applications and amazing games available in the Windows Store. The kind of applications built in this have a great UI and feel nice to use on a touch screen PC or a tablet. The Modern apps were a way to bridge the gap between the mobile (Windows Phone) and PC. Its just that PC users have been so accustomed to the traditional desktop UI and its working, that this change was neither well understood nor adapted.

Better Memory Handling

This problem is again associated with the Modern apps. In order to improve the performance and start-up time of such an application, Windows does not actually remove/closes the application when it is closed by the user. Instead, an instance is still kept in the RAM, eating up precious memory and performance! With the next version of Windows, we hope that Microsoft looks into this problem too and allow these apps to close when exited.

Sometimes, it is necessary for an app to run in background to complete some tasks. For example an email app will be useless if it cannot fetch for emails when the app in not being used by the user. But, this doesn’t mean that all apps should be allowed to run weather or not they have any use in background. Windows 9 should provide options to users to selectively manage which apps to run in background and which not.


Windows continue to dominate in popularity and Microsoft should make use of this and introduce a windows 9n operating system that is more efficient and easy to use and by doing this Microsoft will meet the demands of all users. Windows 8 got a lot of critics and if Microsoft addresses the risen complains and improvise the above suggested new features, there is no doubt that it will put a big smile to windows users.


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