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How Technology has Changed the World of Business

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It seems that wherever we find ourselves, we are completely surrounded by technology. In fact, the only place where there’s a chance there is no technology within a 100m radius is a 100m away from a beach – if you don’t own a waterproof phone, that is. The world of business is no exception to this rule. In fact, in the past couple of decades, it has revolutionized beyond recognition. Both the pace and the face of business have been changed at their very core.

The Web

The Internet has completely turned the world around, and the fact is – we take it for granted. Wherever you find yourself in the world, you are able to communicate for free by means of countless social media platforms and applications. Social media has changed the way marketing works – although it is still highly essential to build a website for your company, disregarding the benefits of pitching your business to the world of social media is somewhat of a foolish mistake – it is free, everyone is online and you can pay a few extra bucks in order to increase your popularity.


A mere decade ago, no one could’ve possibly imagined that we’ll all be carrying tiny computers in our pockets. In fact, I’ve found it to be quite staggering that my current phone (and it’s a mid-ranged one in terms of a price) beats my solid gamer PC from 7 years ago in terms of component configuration! These powerful pieces of equipment, although still primarily called ‘phones’, are actually multi-tools, capable of serving for countless business-related things. By installing a financing app, you can get your money sorted out; Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC) has rendered, bringing a ton of documents to your business trips completely unnecessary; getting an online time clock will go a long way in your business planning and a whole bunch of data is always at your disposal, no more than a couple of screen touches and flicks away.

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The Cloud

Although the MCC was already covered, the cloud services, too, play a vital role in a business environment. Instead of spending money on paper for printing out important documents and wasting time on distributing copies to everyone, cloud computing allows you to share everything in a safe, encrypted environment. It is vital, however, that you outsource for proper encryption – the cloud services are ultimately not responsible for data theft.

Big Data

If you aren’t familiar with this term, I recommend that you get this sorted out as soon as possible. What the Internet was over a decade ago, big data is now. In short, the basics of the way the big data works can be explained relatively easily. Take recruitment for example – in the past, PR employees had to go through piles of candidate papers and struggle to keep the information they have gathered in their heads. Big data allows us to exchange the file cabinets for a global virtual environment, where all the data is stored. Nowadays, perfect candidates are found via LinkedIn, even Facebook. Our privacies are somewhat compromised, but the benefits of hiring top talent seem to overshadow the downsides of being exposed.

Technology has forever changed the way we function, both as professionals and as individuals in general. This is by-and-large owing to the introduction of the Internet; nevertheless, the Web cannot be boiled down to a single invention – it has spurred on many advancements that provide a lot of ease in our everyday lives.

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