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In our day to day we send lots of data to each other, for sending data, we use email or some other cloud services, and they all take bit time and we have to create an account for this. Now days everyone is using Facebook, every third person in world is using Facebook, Facebook is a largest social media all over the world, Facebook always brings some new ideas, new services, new facilities and obviously lots of fun, Now coming at the topic some month ago Facebook start providing one service of file transfer, yes you heard right, now you can send your files (PDF, JPEG, MP3, Etc.) using Facebook. Procedure to send files using facebook messages You can easily send any type of file to your Facebook friend using chat service of Facebook, I will explain you the step by step process to send files using Facebook.

Way to send large files using Facebook

1) Login into your Facebook account 2) Now click on messages Send data using fb 3) Select the friend whom you want to send files 4) Now click on Add files option add files on facebook 5) Browse file which you want to send to your friend 6) Select the file and click on OK button send data using facebook 7) And after that click on the reply button. That’s all send files using facebook messenger Note: if you want to send only an image file to your Facebook friend then you can easily send image using direct chat box, simply click the Camera Sing in chat box and browse the file and send it. how to send large files in facebook Hope you like our article on “How to send files using Facebook”, If you have any doubt or query then please let me know by commenting below. I also wrote some article on Facebook tricks, check it out