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SEMrush SEO Tool : Detailed Review

SEMrush SEO Tool : Detailed Review

Review of: SEMrush
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Harshit Jain

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On June 23, 2014
Last modified:June 23, 2014


SEMrush Review: Best Keyword Research & Marketing Tool, SEM Rush offers competitive keyword research. It is widely used to find competitors and there top keywords in SERP.

Search engine optimization is the base of a good and a successful blog. With the help of proper SEO tricks you can promote your blog more better and can get more replies from your viewers. If you are still not aware of SEO then the first thing which I should suggest you is to learn SEO immediately because it can really be beneficial for you in many ways. If you will talk to many professional bloggers then the first thing which they should suggest is to learn SEO tricks. They are absolutely correct on their advices because you can’t make a good amount unless you learn proper SEO tricks. In short I just want to say that Search engine optimization is one of the major part of internet marketing.

SEMrush SEO Tool : Detailed Review

Search engine optimization is becoming harder day by day and as a result internet marketing is also getting difficult. Do you know what is the actual reason behind this increasing competition ? The main reason behind this competition is that increase in new bloggers. There are many people who want to be blogger and as a result with this increase many bloggers have to face problems. Blogger have to do hard work on their blog ranking and also have to maintain the blog popularity among the people.

So, to help my blogger friends who don’t know much about SEO tricks deeply I’m reviewing an article which will be very beneficial to all bloggers and internet marketers. Getting started reviewing this amazing tool which is named as SEMrush.

Here are some features of SEMrush which surely will impress you a lot and will try to maintain your blog more properly.  

Features of SEMrush 

1. Keyword Research

Probably all of us knows that what is the value of proper keywords research for blogs. I want to say that if you are not using proper keywords for your blog then you should not expect that your blog can drive a good amount of daily traffic. Keyword research is the major topic which comes under Search engine optimization. With the help of SEMrush it is really easy to find proper keyword related to the keyword you are searching for. The best thing which I have liked about this awesome tool is that it actually teaches you the value of keywords for your blogs or websites.

keyword research

2. Keyword Volume

You will easily came to know that how many searches are currently available for your keyword. Although searching keyword is one thing but finding the right keyword is the big challenge. You should be very careful while searching for proper density keyword by seeing for the search volume of your selected keyword.

3. Adsense CPC

SEMrush not only provides you the search volume of your selected keyword but you can also search the current adsense cost per click for your searched keyword. If you want to make big bucks from your blog then it is must to check the cpc rates for keywords you are selecting.

adsense cpc semrush

4. Trends

If you have ever visited to Google trends then in the same way here in SEMrush you can also check the moving trends for your keywords. Hence, it will be really easy and simple for you to calculate your keyword future.

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Competitor Researches

As I have already mentioned it above that now a days there is sudden increase in competition all around. If you have to be in competition then you have to work more smarter with your full efforts for making your blog more popular. You have to work more smarter with the keywords that you are selecting and in this way you can easily rank high with the help of those keywords. If you  know how to use the full potential of your keyword then it will be really simple for you to drive high traffic for your blog. Not only this but you can also easily analyse any of the websites status for those which you want to know.

Leaving the above features of this amazing tool you can also find many other cool features which can really help a lot in your blog success. You can easily track your blog position and can do your site audit easily with the help of beta version of this tool. You can easily get access of all these features if you have purchased this tool.

Plans and Pricing

By seeing the above image I hope that you have came to know about the plans and pricing of this SEO tool. I just want to say that if you use this tool you will experience yourself that how cool this tool is. I’m personally using this tool and got the amazing results.

semrush price

Overall conclusion

Turely saying guys this tool is just amazing. If you use this tool then I can bet you that your blog will be counted from one of those from all successful blog. All I want to say that you should try this tool once for your website and you will automatically came to know all about the features of this tool.

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Hope, you have liked this review about SEMrush tool. If you have any doubts then you can comment below in the comment box. Also I want to say that do not forgot to share this article with your friends if you have liked anything about this article… 🙂 

SEMrush Review: Best Keyword Research & Marketing Tool, SEM Rush offers competitive keyword research. It is widely used to find competitors and there top keywords in SERP.


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