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Save money on phone

How to save money while buying a phone!

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After writing articles on Smartphone under 5000, Smartphone under 10000 & Smartphpne under 15000 we are here with again one fantastic article for you. The Indian market has seen a significant rise in the smartphone market in the past few years, and with new brands like Gionee and Xaomi coming in, this year has been very exciting. But do you know how can you save more than a thousand bucks by just follow some steps? Well, well, if you want to be in profit then keep reading:- 

save money while buying a phone

Check What You Need, Don’t buy the best!

Yes, this is the first point again. And I am telling it to you guys once more because I have seen many people who just buy the best phone (in terms of specs.) for the budget that they have. Frankly saying, they don’t even know the “B” of buying a good phone. One should buy a phone according to his/her requirements, for example I am a student and there is no need for me to buy an iPhone. The basic requirements for a normal user are:-

  • 1 GB RAM
  • 8GB ROM
  • Expandable memory (32 GB)
  • 5 Inch screen (qHD or HD)
  • Android (4.3 or 4.4; Windows 8)
  • GPRS, 3G or WiFi, USB-in or Aux-in.

Doing this can make you save more than 5K!

Save around 1K on your SD card.

Yes, you can save around 1K on your Micro SD card. The first thing is that check if your old
phone had already has an SD card or you can even use the one in your camera. If you want to buy one then go for iBall, Samsung or HP are they are fairly cheaper that Sony, Kingston, SanDisk, Hitech and Adata. 

Buy “online”, wait for the offers.

Online mobile discount

No retailer, no manufacturer. If you buy online you can save good amount. Even if there are no offers you can save around 500 INR. Recently, Flipkart offered 2K off on Moto E!! Also they have combo offers like: Phone(10K) + Case(2K) = 11K (Saved 1K. Cool, right?), you can also check mobile discount offer on online, their are various sites which providing coupons for example Naaptol Coupons, CouponRani, Zoutons etc.

Don’t go for “Additional Warranty or Guarantee”

I have seen people who go for buying a phone which if costing them 3K or 4K more just because they are getting extra Warranty or Guarantee with it. According to me it is useless, you may use those 2K on the case, ear phones, Micro-SD Card. I can guarantee that a phone of a good brand will not get totally damaged (unless you play baseball with it :P)… you can even buy a screen guard instead of taking additional warranty.

Buy second hand – No Shame!

Like I always say, there is NO SHAME in buying a second hand phone. If you are getting the desired functionality, good build quality then it is surely a value for money. Yes the phone may be a little outdated (little). Make sure that it has original battery, charger, OS (it should not be rooted), and ask the guy for the ear phones. You may save around 5K. 

Congrats, you just learned how to save thousands of bucks while buying a new phone.

TOTAL SAVINGS:- 7000 to 8000 INR (WOW!)

Hope you like our article on “How to save money while buying a phone“, if you have any doubt or query then feel free to ask us using below comment box and guys don’t forget to share this article on facebook with your friends.


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  1. I dont quite agree in few points..

    1. You actually don’t need 8GB ROM unless you are a gamer.. I am happy with 4GB ROM of MMX A110Q.. Mind you, I do place those popular games 😛 though never a heavy gamer..

    2. Stay away from second hand unless you really get a good deal but from a known person !!
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