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samsung galaxy s6

Samsung Galaxy S6: 10 Reasons to Wait for This Phone

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Samsung is one of the leading brands when it comes to mobile phones and gadgets of the similar types. Every season, a newer version of the same is awaited eagerly by the tech enthusiasts who like try out more advanced features in their mobile phones.

 Of late, the Samsung Galaxy S6 is in the news and its release is being awaited eagerly by Samsung users. Although the exact release date of the phone has not been out yet and the world is now going gaga about the current Samsung Galaxy S5, anticipations have still made its way to guess few of its functional, structural and technical specifications. Here are the ten best reasons why one should wait for Galaxy S6:

A better look and feel

The newer version of Galaxy S-series will have an aluminum rubberized plastic body which will be a changeover on the regular smart phone types. A sharp edge might be noticed with this brand new phone.

The big size game

The upcoming version of Samsung S-series will have a display size of 5.7” measured diagonally. Additionally, the phone will have IPS LCD panel for crispier and sharp look. With a 7.2 mm thickness, this phone will be more a like a sleek phablet.

Flexibility in Design

A flexible design and folding prototype is being wished and awaited in Samsung Galaxy S6. A bending phone will be resistant to damage and will deliver greater durability for that matter.

Latest Android

Android version 5.0 might be expected in this phone which will incorporate several features for a more application-friendly portal. There are prognostications that the Samsung Galaxy S6 might also go for its own operating system Tizen with its launch.

The bigger memory

A 4GB RAM size will ensure the loading and managing of loads and applications. The internal memory of the phone will be raised to 64GB is what is being heard. The external memory slot will also have a capacity to hold 128GB data.

2K Display

A smart phone having 2K display is more like an achievement in the field of mobiles. Galaxy S6 is more anticipated to have a 2K display.

Battery boom

Better battery longevity is the life of a smart phone. Galaxy S6 will have a battery of 3300-3500mAh is what is being expected now. A better battery will also help in wireless charging.

Camera features

The primary camera of this phone will be set to 21MP while the secondary will have 4-7MP. The video calling experience will be fantastic with the launch of such good secondary camera resolution.

DAB chips

Dab chips incorporated into mobiles will just make them more user-friendly to tune into music stations without fiddling. For streaming songs and tunes from the cloud would be little bit costly, therefore the introduction of DAB chip is highly expected from Galaxy S6.   

Music Freak

Users who love listening to music at high volume now wish to have a pair of stereo speakers that will change the ordinary style. Samsung’s upcoming version is being expected to come with a good pair of stereo speakers unlike S5, which had just one speaker. 


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  1. Hi there!

    You have well defined the Samsung Galaxy S6 and caught the eagerness in me. I think Samsung Galaxy S6 is a good smartphone, but the problem with it would be the price. Well, that’s what happened with Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5.

    The smartphone which costs around 17,000 to Samsung, which includes advertising costs, is sold at the rate of around 50,000. Now see how much is the profit?

    This is where Samsung is lagging behind. Samsung needs to cut down its profits for a better sale of its high-priced smartphones. This is what I believe!

    Thank you for sharing. Have a nice day!
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  2. Very interesting specification , but my only question is that isn’t 5.7 inch a very big screen size

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