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samsung galaxy s5 phone

Samsung Galaxy S5: What Makes It The Best Smartphone Of 2014?

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 The recently launched Samsung Galaxy S5 is a forward leap from the previous installation in the  same series which is the S4. Some so-called tech pundits have been pointing to the conservative  upgrade from the S4 and in the process totally missing the fact which makes the Samsung the  industry leader in the production of smart phones. Samsung, unlike other phone makers, is putting  more emphasis on the basics of what every Smartphone user desires, which is more of value added  features. Instead of seeking to come up with a phone that is overloaded with wide ranging  functions some of which serve no practical purpose, Samsung has sought to improve on the  popular features and apps that have real day to day usage. So let’s take a look at what the new fifth  generation of the Galaxy S has to offer.
samsung galaxy s5 phone

 The S5 has a fingerprint sensor that is located on the home button. It also has dust and water  resistance certifications as well as a heart rate monitor. The size of the display is slightly bigger  and other welcome improvements include intuitive tilt features, a super sensitive display, privacy  mode, shortcut to camera app and tool box for easy access to your favorite apps.

Easy Camera Access

The new design of the camera features appreciates the fact that a picture opportunity can arise in a split second and requiring the fastest response in order to grab it. The prevailing designs in most phones, old and new, is not ideal for quick responses and results in the user missing a lot of random photo opportunities. By going to the settings, selecting the lock screen option and tapping on the camera shortcut, you ensure the presence on the camera icon on the screen lock for quick access. 

The camera has also been gifted with 2 brand new features among its shooting-modes that are a first. You now have the ‘shot and more’ as well as the ‘virtual tour’. The shot and more avails added tools for editing pictures and applying a host of effects soon after capturing an image. On the other hand, the virtual tour enables you to capture images in the same manner you would take people on a tour of the area.

Private Mode

The smartphone of nowadays is a mini computer that contains all your important data such as messages, private photos, documents and sometimes movies. It is important to preserve the privacy of such data to avoid its falling into the wrong hands. This is where the privacy mode comes in handy with its password protection. It can be activated simply by going to the settings option, tapping on the private mode, tapping the items that you seek to hide and pressing ‘move to private’. Form, this point on you will only be able to access the concerned files when in private mode through the use of your password.

There is also a kids mode which enables you to safely let your kids play with your phone without the threat of accessing age appropriate content, making costly purchases or tampering with vital information.

Intuitive Tilt Feature for Customization of Playlist

This is a cool new feature that allows users to get suggestions on songs that are similar to the one they will be playing by simply tilting the phone.  The suggestions are mad e on the basis of the genre of the music currently playing, the mood as well as the source.


The toolbox is a great widget that allows you to group your apps. You can house your favorite apps under one category for easy access. You have to first go the settings option and tap on the toolbox after which you drag the circle shaped icon that appears to the edit button.

There are a host of other features that have been fine tuned for a better user experience with the all new Samsung Galaxy S5. You can browse for more information or get your own S5 to feel the revolution up, close and personal.


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