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Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Amazing things you need to know about Samsung Galaxy Note 4

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From last few months, many people searches on google for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Specification, Price, Review, images etc. So today we are going to show you some rumors of Samsung galaxy note 4 specification and price which can be the part of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

The Samsung Galaxy Note series is the leader of all the tablet series Smartphones available in the world today. The Note series has lured many customers with its high end specifications, ultra fast processing speed, classy features and big size. Though, the design is not so stylish.

After the launch of Note 3, which was a hit all over the globe, the world is now waiting for the next flagship model of the Galaxy series, that is, Note 4.

samsung galxy note 4

Customers are expecting very much from this upcoming tablet and the launch of Galaxy S5 has raised their expectations to the new level already. Here below are some rumors of Samsung galaxy note 4 specification and price which can be the part of the Samsung galaxy Note 4.

Features of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 

Curved Display and Metal Body

The ‘YOUM’ display technology from the Samsung in its Galaxy Curve had received very warm anticipation from the crowd and this time with Note 4, Samsung can play this card.

The plastic body design of the Samsung Smartphones has always been criticized by the users. It was rumored that the Galaxy S5 will change that trend, but the answer was no. This time with Note 4, the Samsung could or I think should change this trend.

Technology and Android

There is no doubt that the Samsung will empower the Note with the best processor but, the RAM support is a concern and if we believe the rumors, then Note 4 will be the first smartphone with 4 GB of RAM.

It is very obvious that the Note 4 will run on the latest android version 4.4 KitKat until or unless Samsung dramatically decides to go with any other OS platform like windows or say Ubuntu!

Camera and Features

The Note 3 was one of the best camera phones in the market with a top class 13 MP rear camera and has the quality in clicked images.

Now, as Samsung has announced the 16 MP camera for the Galaxy S5 with some features like double image click, HDR mode, improve images in low light and others, the Note 4 is also expected to have all the above features with at least a 16 MP camera.

If we talk about the features, then Samsung Note 4 should be waterproof as the company has entered that league with the Galaxy S5. Other features like a fingerprint scanner, data speed booster, S pen written text reorganization and then working of app and many more are on the list for Note 4.

Battery and Internal Memory

The Note 4 must set a milestone while selecting a battery for it as it has been quite a long time for this issue to be neglected. The internal memory also should be available in the range of 64/128 GB with the support of MicroSD card option.

Wrap UP

The user’s expectations will not end at any point with the technology and this is also because the companies today are not stopping themselves to try everything to touch the unconquerable heights.

The latest Note 4 is too one of a device which is high on the requirements from the users end and Samsung really have to work hard to make it a hit.

Hope you like our article on upcoming Sumsung Galaxy Note 4, if you have any query about Galaxy Note 4 then you can freely write your query into below the comment box.


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