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samsung galxy note 4

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – What to Expect and What We Can Get

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It’s been a while since the Note 3 is out for the consumer sector of the current market. We’ve already starting guessing the possibilities of the upcoming note from Samsung. Samsung has unveiled their latest addition to the Galaxy S series and it’s pretty evident that lots of people who had great expectations from Galaxy S5, seems a bit off as Galaxy S5 didn’t possess the great functionalities that the rumors run wildly. That’s why we’re much concerned about the next line of Note series since Galaxy Note 3 possessed the fastest smartphone in the industry. We’re sure that the release of Galaxy Note 4 is months away and rumors are going around upon releasing the Note series which has S-Pen compatibility.

samsung galxy note 4

Samsung enriched their Tablet sector earlier this year with Galaxy Note 12.2 and Tab 12.2. Also, they released the updated version of Note 10.1 2014 in the mid of 2013. So, their Note series is quite capable of handling the current market. That includes that Note 4 isn’t too far away right now. Let’s see what the new Note has to bring for us.

There were a lot of leaks regarding the Note in the past couple of months. We’re pretty sure we’ve got enough resources to guess what the new Note 4 will be capable of. According to many sources, we’re pretty confirmed that Galaxy Note 4 will be launched in the second half of the year.

Galaxy Note 4 Display

According of lots of sources, Galaxy Note 3 might be the greater version of Galaxy Round. They will probably implement the flexible display technology in Note 4. Also, rumors are suggesting that Galaxy Note 4 might feature three-sided display with better viewing angles for the users. It’ll become a new potential threat to the “phablet” region of the current technological world. Samsung will probably be shifting the premium design of their Note series as the previous designs are suggesting. They’ll be targeting the high-end users this time.

Etnews is sure that Samsung will bring dust and water resistant functionalities into their new Note. Currently it’s confirmed that Samsung will bring Galaxy S5 Active just like the S4 Active with resistance capabilities.

Possible Specifications

Samsung will offer far better Air Gesture, Air View and S-Pen functionality in their next Note flagship. Galaxy S5 already picked Snapdragon 801 beast onto their Chipset and it’s likely that Note 4 will bring Snapdragon 805 within the recent months.

For any smartphone it’s quite awkward to have 4GB RAM but Samsung might be putting 4GM RAM in their smartphone since 3GB is pretty common to smartphones these days. Along with 4K display and Advanced Handwriting Recognition technology, Samsung will also include 21MP Camera onto Galaxy Note 4. The Samsung Note 4 might debut with 128GB Onboard memory with better support for 4G Technologies as well.

As per the rumors we’re quite convinced that Samsung is going to bring their biggest bet on Note 4 this year. Keep with us to get updated news on Galaxy Note 4. 


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  1. Skipped my plan to buy note 3 .Waiting for Note 4 anxiously.

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