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How to Root Moto G, Step by Step Guide!

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The Google-Moto Phone which saved Motorola, Moto G. The best one can expect for 15k, moto g’s 16 gb variant’s price in India. This shows us how much Android has changed everything. Barely one year ago if you had a budget of 15k then you couldn’t have got anything else than sammy crap worth nothing while this phone running android 4.4.3 Kitkat with 18 months guaranteed software update can be all you need for years. It can handle anything you through at it weather that’s some browsing or high-end gaming though not with same horse power as S5 or Z2 😛 but still has the capability to do the task. This phone with Qualcomm MSM8226 Snapdragon 400, Quad-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A7 and 1 gig of ram might be enough for some but for those who want more can easily root it by the following guide. Before going on ‘How to Root’ we need to know what is root and its benefits. You can root Moto G running 4.4.2, 4.4.3 or even earlier.

Rooting Moto G

What is root?

Root gives you admin access to your android device which you didn’t have earlier.
To do so you need to install few apps and recovery image and to roll back you need to flash the rom i.eos again through computer and things get uninstalled. It requires active brain and wasn’t easy always but now there are apps through which you can root your device in seconds. Don’t root your device without reading till the last. To root Moto G there is a different method, to root Moto E there is different method, To root Moto X again there is a different method and here we have how to Root Moto G.

Benefits of Rooting Moto G

1.Rooting extends your phone’s life for example google g2 which was released back in 2010 with android froyo, 2.2 and with just 800 MHz processor now can run on android 4.4 if you root it and install a custom rom. Thanks to custom roms which are developed by independent developers.

2. Gaining root access allows you to do various tasks like transferring a 1.8 gig game from your phone’s memory to sd card or by extending your system memory, blocking ads, uninstall crap software loaded by manufacturer, making screen sharper, overclocking and many more.

3. Run almost any game no matter what gpu you have. Chainfire 3d is an app which decreases the size of textures and adds various plugins while playing a game so that It is optimized for your device in seconds !

4. Increase overall speed by tweaks or by changing its rom or kernel.

5. Ability to use a different kernel which can increase anything like increase volume by 5 notches or just turn the screen from amoled to lcd.

6.  Make backups of any app with data files.

7. Develop for your phone, access files which can’t be accessed without root.

8. Add special features of other manufacturer’s in yours after they have been released by developers for your phone.

9. Connect your wireless controllers to your phone with apps from playstore.

10. Mount pen drives and other accessories like keyboard with usb on the go cable.

11. Better battery

13. Ability to Do free-in-app purchases with a special app called “freedom” 😀

12. Many more!!…

NOTE: You cannot go for a system update after rooting. Rooting voids your warranty and if you end up doing something wrong your phone can be bricked. Bricked phone is as useful a brick until unless it’s just sofbricked. We are not responsible if anything happens to your device.


  1. Unlocking the bootloader. Go here to do so (Unlocking Moto G’s bootloader, Motorola’s guide.)
  2. Battery should be at least 80%.
  3. Backup everything, just in case.
  4. USB debugging should be enabled on your device (Guide to do so please :P)
  5. Computer
  6. Data cable
  7. USB driver for Moto G on your computer, You Can download it by clicking here 
  8. ModDaCo’s superboot, You can download it by clicking here

When done with the requirements you can proceed to rooting Moto G

Procedure to Root Moto G

1. To root Root Moto G the first step is to extract superboot in a folder anywhere on your computer.

2. Power off your device. Hold POWER and VOLUME DOWN to enter fastboot mode.

3. Connect USB cable.

4. Press SHIFT key and do a left click on superboot’s folder. Select open command window here.

5. On windows copy superboot-windows.bat and paste in terminal and on MAC copy ./superboot-mac.sh.6. Reboot and Enjoy!


With the help of this article you would have come to know how to root moto g, its benefits and features. Now you’ll be able to run games smoother and increase just about everything with right means and always keep your android phone fast. This will also help to be geeky in front of everyone with that extra charm of hacking into Moto G 😉


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