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How to Unlock, Root Moto E – Step by Step Guide

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Motorola Moto E is professional Cell Phone with start studded features, but at very affordable price. This is not the first Phone that has put the Indian cell phone market at vibration, but Motorola’s Moto X, Moto G is also very successful. Now, coming back to the main point, “How to Unlock, Root Moto E“. It’s been difficult for new buyers to Root Moto E. That’s why we are providing a step by step guide that will help you do so. But there some chances of damage happening to your Moto E while rooting process. So, do it at your risk. Although there are rare cases of damage happening. So, let’s start

How to Root Moto E

Requirements Before rooting Moto E

  1. Contact and Sms Backup:- You must backup all your Moto E contacts and SMS online or synchronize with PC.
  2. Internal Media Content:- Move all Media content of your Moto E, including images, videos, audios to External; SD card or move to PC to avoid any loss.
  3. Enable US Debugging:- You can enable it by Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging. 
  4. Full Battery Charge:- Your battery should not be less than 85%, which willl avoid your device getting turned off due to less power.
  5. Unlock Bootloader:- Download Android SDK on your PC and Press Power off Button of your device. Now, press power button again and volume buttons to make your device enter fastboot mode.  Now, connect your device with PC using USB and then, open command Prompt in Android SDK folder. Enter “$ fastboot oem get_unlock_data” command in that command prompt window and you will see a string which you need to copy without any spaces. Now, in the final step you need to go to a Motorola’s official website where you will be prompted to complete the unlocking procedure. Complete all steps carefully with a step by step guide present there. Now, that’s it you have successfully Unlocked bootloader.
  6. Install custom Recovery Image File:- To add a custom recovery image file, you need to follow the same steps which we explained to unlock bootloader. But enter “fastboot flash recovery recovery.img” command in the command prompt window. Now, use the volume keys to highlight recovery option and then select using the power button. Now, your device is successfully entered recovery system, but it may take some time. Now, after this just go to Main Recovery Menu again and  select option Reboot System Now”.

Now, that’s it with the requirements of Root Moto E. Now, we will start the rooting process step by step, but Remember, it is not an official rooting process. So, your Moto E may loss warranty. To get it back you need to install the stock firmware.

How to Unlock, Root Moto E

1. Download SuperSu App on your Desktop PC from Here:- Download

2. Now, Attach your device with PC using USB cable.

3. Copy and Paste that SuperSu App file in Zip format to SD card of your device.

4. Now, remove the cable from the PC hub to un-attach Device from Desktop.

5. Now, enter Device Recovery Mode using the same steps we explained above in the requirement section.

6. After entering the recovery mode, you need to select “install zip from sd card” and then, you need to “select a zip file from sd card”. After selecting the Zip file, confirm installation process.

7. After completing the installation process, select “reboot system Now” and you have successfully rooted Your Moto E.

So, this is the Guide on “How to Root Moto E“. If you find any difficulty, then, don’t feel shy to shoot your question in the comments section.

Author:- This post has been written by Atinder S Gill (Owner of My Blogger World)


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