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flipkart's mobile app

Review Of Flipkart’s Mobile Application

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To provide the easy and hassle free shopping experience, Flipkart has come up with its shopping app. This app is supported in all android, windows and IOS operators and is available for free at Google play store. Flipkart.com being one of the biggest stores in India has made shopping yet easier for its huge customer base. The Flipkart mobile application is very simple to download, and even very simpler to use. Flipkart's mobile app

Flipkart Mobile APP FEATURES

Simple interface:Flipkart’s app presents the store differently on cell phones, as compared to what we see on our lap tops and desktops. They provide easiest of the interface, that helps in selecting a product easily and buying it instantly. The app does not open a lot of high graphics and pop ups, which provides a lag-free browsing even in 2G connections. Easy swiping:The app provides an easy swipe option between various products. One can tap the icons/tiles of the desired product and can get and enhanced view of the product. This increases the surety for a particular product. Offer zone: Information related to any kind of discount offers, is readily available in one particular section of the app. One cannot miss on any kind of new offers on mobile and other electronics item, as it is visible in form of a list and is updated on a real time basis. Price guide: With the help of the bar code, one can determine the price of any particular product, from the app. This helps in making a correct budget before making any actual purchase.

Comparison guide with usual site

When we open a site in usual browsers then there are many other features which the site provides, like secure payment options, delivery tracking system, other people’s review, share the link to a product in social networking sites and filter and search. One will be amazed to know that, all the above functions are available even in the mobile app and the app is not much different from the regular site. The only difference is in the look of the app, which is obviously designed the way, to support the small screen of the mobile phones.


The navigation from one page to another is very easily done with the help of this app. Open one page, and then swipe to another page, which will open beside the old page. Since the store is so huge, the searching of the product should be easy. Flipkart’s app provides easiest of the search options, via text, voice and bar code. 


all this system will work well only in proper internet connections, but one unique feature of the app, defies this rule. One can get access to recent reviewed products even without any internet connections. One can not only get access to the list rather one can see all the details related to the product.


Updating one’s business model with the technological advancements ensures that you remain successful in the business, and no one else eats up your share of market. With the launch of Flipkart’s shopping app for phones, the company has shown that it thrives on future thinking. 


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  1. Nice review harshit

  2. i.am agree.with.you.harshit bro, Flipkart mobile is a good example for other apps to learn things about mobile apps.. Navigation & speed of app is awesome..

  3. it was really great app by Flipkart.. i like its beautiful GUI . I’ve download it and i will this app 5 out 5

  4. Good review bro. Flipkart has even offered some discount on purchase via the app.

  5. how to create mobile app like flipkart.com ????????????

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