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Reset Windows 8 Password

How to Reset Windows 8 Password? Solved!

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Hello readers, Windows 8.1 is the latest version of windows, windows 8.1 comes with lots of features, application, games, etc. Now days every new PC comes with by default windows 8 operating system.

As we all knows windows have a security option for every user account and now days every windows user use this features whenever any user log in to PC, user have to enter the password the password to access the windows.

Some time we change our windows 8 password and unfortunately we forgot our password, that situation becomes very critical for us because that time we are unable to access our account and we don’t know what to do to recover our windows 8 password. Basically we are trying to enter some remember password again and again but when we didn’t get our actual password we totally depressed because we don’t know any solution and if we are going to format our PC than all the data on hard disk will lost.

Reset Windows 8 Password

Now for the solution of above problem we are going to show you the way (Trick) to reset windows 8 password, this trick is not using any type of software of files etc.

Requirement to Reset Windows 8 Password:

  • Windows recovery disc (DVD, Pen drive) Which you use to recover (Format) your windows 8

Now after getting the Recovery disc follow the below procedure to reset windows 8 password.

Reset Windows 8 Password – Procedure

1)      Insert the Recovery disk on your PC/Laptop

2)      Now Start your PC/Laptop

3)      After that open the Advance start up option by clicking shift key when you start your PC/Laptop

4)      Now click on ‘Troubleshoot’

5)      Then select ‘Advance options’

6)      After that select ‘Command Prompt’

7)      Now type copy c:\windows\system32\utilman.exe c:\ 

In Command Prompt and after entering enter button you will get message that one file copied

8)      Now, Again type the below command and press enter
copy c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe c:\windows\system32\utilman.exe

And answer yes or y on the notification of overwrite file utilman.exe

9)      After the 8th step Remove your Recover Disk (DVD, Pen drive)

10)  Restart your PC/laptop

11)  After windows is start click on ‘Ease of Access icon’  which you will find at the bottom-left corner of the windows screen

12)  Now command prompt should start automatically

13)  Next, reset your password by writing the below command in command prompt

net user “myusername” mynewpassword 

For example if you want to set username as Harshit and password as jain then type:
net user “harshit” jain

14)  Next, Close the command prompt

15)  And restart your PC/Laptop

16)  Now login with your new username and password

17)  Woo!!! You are now logged in, your windows 8 password has been reset.

18)  Now last step, you have to open the command prompt (Press ctrl+r and type ‘cmd’ and click on ok button) again and type the below lines and press enter

copy c:\utilman.exe c:\windows\system32\utilman.exe  

type the y or yes when asking for overwrite file.

After following above 18 step you will surely reset your windows 8 password, If you will get any type of error or problem than let me know through your comment.


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  1. Nice trick, Finally Windows 8 Unlock 🙂

  2. Sir, you wrote about to crack password of windows 8 by using pen drive or cd drive.. So my question is that pen drive is empty or bootable? If bootable then show to do it..

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