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Remove shortcut virus

How to Remove shortcut virus from PC/Laptop/Pen drive – Solved!

This post is about Remove shortcut virus, In our PC/Laptop or in Pen drive we generally see one shortcut type folder which created automatically, many times when we use internet and downloading something then it might be that shortcut virus downloaded within your downloaded file and many times when we transfer the data from one computer to another computer and if one computer is affected from shortcut virus then surely other attached computer will also affected by shortcut virus in between data transfer, many times we insert our pen drive or any other external drive into other’s PC which are already affected by shortcut virus then our pen drive or external drive will be affected from shortcut virus.

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I personally faced the shortcut virus problem in my PC, the shortcut virus damage the computer OS slowly, slowly, shortcut virus will create shortcut folder and file name same as original folder and file name and if you click on that shortcut virus files and folder then it will infect your PC poorly.

For the solution of the Shortcut Virus problem I am going to write some easiest way to remove shortcut virus from PC/Laptop/Pen drive and other external drives. There are lots of methods available to remove shortcut virus, including CMD, Registry entry, free software, Paid software, using .Dat file etc. Here i will explain the way to remove shortcut virus from computer, Remove shortcut virus USB (Delete Shortcut Virus).

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Remove Shortcut virus from PC from PC/Laptop/Pen drive – Methods

1) How to Remove Shortcut virus using CMD

If you are suffering from the shortcut virus problem, then surely you tried to remove shortcut virus files manually, but files are not removed, they show some error messages, so for the solution of this error message simply follow the below step and remove shortcut virus from your PC.

Step 1) Open CMD (Command Prompt – DOS)

Step 2) Write the below command

attrib -h -s -r -a /s /d Name_drive:\*.*

Simply replace the Name_drive with your actual drive letter, for example, if you want to remove shortcut virus from C drive, then type attrib -h -s -r -a /s /d c:\*.*

Step 3) Hit enter button

Step 4) Now, after that all the shortcut virus files and folder will be normal files and folder form simply go and delete the shortcut virus files and folder

2) How to Remove Shortcut virus using a .bat file

Bat file is nothing but an executable file which can create in notepad and directly executed by double clicking on it, you can also do the above method, process using .bat file, I know you are thinking that why he writes same method twice, but guys you have noticed that if your all drives are infected from shortcut virus then you have to run above command separately for each and every drive, it takes your lots of important time so the solution of this problem I am writing the new method to remove shortcut virus.

Step 1) Open notepad file

Step 2) Copy and paste the below code into a notepad file

@echo off

attrib -h -s -r -a /s /d Name_Drive:\*.*

attrib -h -s -r -a /s /d Name_Drive:\*.*

attrib -h -s -r -a /s /d Name_Drive:\*.*

@echo complete.

Step 3) simply replace the Name_Drive with your infected drive name, if you have more than 3 drive then simply copy and paste the command.

Step 4) Save the file with name removevirus.bat

Step 5) Now simply close the file and run it

Step 6) After that all of your Shortcut virus files and folder are in normal form, now go and remove the shortcut files and folders

3) How to Remove shortcut virus using ‘Shortcut virus remover software’

This method is the easiest and best method to remove shortcut virus from PC, there is a strong reason behind it, In above methods (CMD and.Bat file) you have to run command manually and delete each and every shortcut virus file and folder manually, I know you are also lazy like me 😉 who don’t want to waste their time in executing commands and delete files manually, so for the solution of this problem follow the below steps and believe me this software helps you a lot and remove all of your shortcut virus from your PC/Pen drive.

Step 1) First of all download the “Shortcut Virus Remover software free download” from below Download button

[sociallocker] download button Remove shortcut virus How to Remove shortcut virus from PC/Laptop/Pen drive – Solved!  download e1403071065221 [/sociallocker]

Step 2) Open the shortcut virus remover software

Note: The software it doesn’t need to install, it directly run

Step 3) Select the Pen drive or Computer (Select from which you want to remove viruses)

Remove shortcut virus Remove shortcut virus How to Remove shortcut virus from PC/Laptop/Pen drive – Solved!  soft 1

Step 4) Now selects the Drives and click on the Scan button

Remove shortcut virus Remove shortcut virus How to Remove shortcut virus from PC/Laptop/Pen drive – Solved!  soft 2

Step 5) After that click on the Delete button

That’s it, now all of your shortcut virus files from your PC/Laptop/Pen drive are removed.

Check out our video to Remove Shortcut Virus

I hope you like my article and methods to “Remove shortcut virus from computer/ Laptop/ Pendrive”, You can also use the above methods to Remove shortcut virus from external hard disk,  if you have any type of doubt or question then please let me know in below to comment so that I will try to remove your doubts and answer your questions and check out our new blog VirulUpdates.


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  1. You just have set up an attribute to the file. You need to delete those shortcut links *.lnk to get the original files. And simpler way is people need not learn all those attribute extensions. They can just type attrib –help or something like that (I am not a windows user) and they can type the extension according to their needs.

  2. you are done a good job. Given information is excellent.Sorry to say this i can’t get any favourable results.

  3. Thanks a lot.. It’s Working..

  4. whenever i connect a pendrive( new or old ) to my laptop a folder named facebook is created. i cant delete the folder. any suggestions?

    • Try the Tool which i mentioned in post.

      • same problem for me.Actuaaly i connected my pendrive to laptop .That pendrive is having full virus..Now if im connecting other pendrive or my phone to my laptop means its coming all shortcuts…n its creating all shortcuts..Can u pls suggest me how to i remove that

  5. sir my sd card suffering from sortcut virus i can”t remove this… which softwaer is best softwaer……pls give some tips for this solution sir thk u!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I deleted the shortcuts as per the method mentioned above. But after 30sec i am getting back the shortcuts. plz help

  7. Ujjwal Man Joshi

    Unable to download shortcut virus remover. Any other link available?

  8. hello admin ………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i have applied all your methods in my pc n pen drive to remove shortcut virus ………..n after that i restarted my pc ……..but the virus is still present in my pen drive …………there is no virus in my pc i have scanned my pc with avira internet security ………but when i connect any pen drive into my pc then there always present a shortcut virus ……………:/ :/ :/

    plzzz help me i am now fully frustrated with this virus ……..:/ :/ :/

  9. Hi,
    My Mobile memory card is password. But I forgot the password. So Please Help Me.

  10. Please could you tell me how i can remove the shortcut files from my memory card…

  11. Been cleaning my thumb drive but every time the virus are gone they came back insplit seconds,please help me

  12. the software at the 3rd method is not helpful, the shortcuts are recreated instantly after deletion by the software,

  13. Harshit,

    I tried to with the downloaded software, if I check the pendrive again the problem still persists. Can you please help me in this regard. Eventhough I installed noautorun software things are going out the way!!!

    Thanks in Advance

  14. thanks bro u r great

  15. I want to scan C drive but C drive option is not being shown up! Any Help?

  16. Rashed Ahmed Nil

    Been cleaning my thumb drive but every time the virus are gone they came back insplit seconds,please help me

  17. I did those methods and scaned via my anti virus which is Avast .It says no virus but still those short cuts are there.

  18. I am currently using Lenovo but after i have downloaded i have not seen an icon for the drive to be scanned, i need a help please.

  19. I follwed all ur instruction and all shortcuts are then deleted but within a second they came back
    its really anoying…
    plz help and rply

  20. i too had this problem i tried all the above but short cut is not removed

  21. hi i have downloaded the shortcut remover you have mentioned and it is working for deleting shortcuts from pen drive and it is not working for removing viruses from the computer

  22. Sir, i am using NORTON antivirus paid version in my desktop with window 7 ultimate but it’s not resolve shortcut virus i follow ur procedure also but short cut virus come in a sec i restart my pc many times but result is bad please help sir i want to parmanently delete this short cut thing.
    Because of this thing i could’nt accses files from pendrive. I Relode window also after format c drive then my computer working well when a virus affected pendrive pluged then sortcut continuse please help sir.

  23. The software doesn’t work on my USB. It says the virus has been already deleted but when i scan it again the virus still appears. This occurs even when i restart my laptop. On the contrary, the virus in my laptop has been already removed and i thank you for that. I hope you could also help me out with my USB. Thanks. :)

  24. Yesterday I tried your method…its working but today when i connected again its showing all shortcuts again…I restarted my system when i did this method…Can u pls help me

  25. my desktop shortcuts are added with shortcut symbol and enter, backspace key is not working. it is started when I used my college pendrive in my laptop. I tried all the above methods, but nothing worked out for me. when I tried cmd method, it is specifying ‘access denied’. but I am logged in admin login only. plz help.

  26. After i install the software scan complete but virus is cannot deleted

  27. sir I used your mentioned method but there was a problem that one shortcut was not deleted then I restarted my laptop in safe mode then I was deleted all shortcut by using your method…but sir when I restarted my system in normal mode and show pen drive then all shortcut was there nothing was deleted so sir please help me…shortcut name was desktop,thumbs etc. please help me

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  30. I have tried the cmd method and it shows me a bunch of access denied files help

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  32. hello sir
    please help me .how ever i will detect short cut virus

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  36. have tryed all the mehods using CMD ans BATCH too…
    orignal files displayed for a while and after that it becomes hidden what to do ..
    contain very important data in Pen Drive plzz help ..
    — Thank You —

  37. Hi harshit,

    after being followed the procedure above, i am still not able to remove the shortcuts from my external hard disk.

    Please guide.



    Can u give me the link of the file…..

  39. Hello i have applied cmd method and note pad method but it works and again it changes into short cut what is permenant way to delete short cut virus my mail id is {ganeshraj659@gmail.com} you send a mail to this id about solution this is my mobile number {9551060691} very urgent friends or i loose my job

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