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Remove memory card password

How to Recover / Remove Memory Card password (Micro SD)?

Many people create a password on their Memory Card (Micro SD) for securing their data from other persons, but some time People forget their Memory card password and without password they cannot access any of the data which is available in their locked memory card, also in computer that card data will now show due to the lock, after suffering that problems, they are trying to remove password or Recover Micro sd memory card Password manually but I am sure that they will not get any success on it.

Remove memory card password.jpg copy remove Memory Card password How to Recover / Remove Memory Card password (Micro SD)? Remove memory card password

So today we are going to show you the easiest way to remove Memory card Password, Just follow the below steps to easily Remove memory card password (Micro SD)/ Unlock Micro SD card Password

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Remove Memory Card password (Micro SD) – (Method 1)

1) First of all you have to use a Symbian OS phone to remove the memory card password, Generally Nokia uses the Symbian OS.

2) After that insert Memory Card into Symbian OS (Nokia) mobile

3) After inserting memory card on Symbian OS headset download the FExplorer Software on that device you can also download FExplorer software by simply Click here. (FExplorer is well known as a memory card password remover tool)

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4) After downloading FExplorer software install it on your device

5) Then open FExplorer and go to C drive and find the file called “MMCSTORE”

6) After finding “MMCSTORE’ file send that file into your computer

7) After sending or copying that file into your computer system then open that file “MMCSTORE” into Notepad

8) At the end of file you find your password

Hope after following above steps you will easily get your password.

Micro SD / Memory Card Password Recovery – (Method 2)

1) First of all download X-PLORE by clicking here

2) Now install X-PLORE in your SYMBIAN headset

3) After that open the X-PLORE and simply pass the numeric value zero (0)

4) Now select the option “SHOW THE SYSTEM FILES”

5) Now go to  C:/Sys/Data/Mmcstore

6) After that press the numeric value 3 to enable HEX_VIEWER

7)Now you will find the some values like TMSD02G (c ??”? x???1?2?3?1?2)  in third coloumn

8) Now simplified the above code remove the ‘?’ from the code you will get your memory card password

For the above code password is 12312

Note: In case you didn’t able to find the above path than try C:/Sys/Data/Mmcstore

Recover Memory Card password (Micro SD) – (Method 3)

  • There is also one method available for remove memory card password-  just Format your memory card

Note: when you are going to format your memory card it will ask you to enter password simply put password as 0000 and your card will formatted and password is removed automatically, but if you are going with this way then you will lose all of your data which are available on the memory card. If you have no any important data in memory then simply format the card but if you have any important data on your card then follow the above steps toand if you get any problem in above steps then let me know in below commenting, Also check out ViralUpdates for more information.



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  13. Many people create a password on their Memory Card for securing their data from other persons, but some time People forget their Memory card password and without password they cannot access their Memory Card data on Computer or any other Mobile. So they are trying to remove password manually but they didn’t not get success.

  14. Sir, Im using Nokia X2-00 and its not supporting .sis format. Is there any alternative solution to remove the sd card password?

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    Navaneethan R

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  42. Hey harshit, My name’s savin i have a problem with my nokia e66 it doesn’t install .sisx files. I have tried all possible methods like changing the date ”to a year ago” and allow all software installation and also turned online certificate check off ,but still the problem persists when i try to install fexplorer and x-plore!!!!

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  44. Hi dear friend my nokia phone is 5800 and all of above methods not worked for me !
    The FExplorer from method 1 not installed on my phone and X-PLORE in method 2 has cetificate error !
    I used method 3 and after formatting memory card, password not removed from it
    Please help me

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  53. Hello Harshit

    I also have an issue. I can’t find mmcstore.
    FExplorer instaled but in C:\system mmcstore doesn’t exist and C:\system is locked and I can’t open it.

    My mobile is Nokia C7-00 with Nokia Belle OS

    PS I have an access to the files on SD card via phone but I can’t use it in other devices.

    Any idea how to fix?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Im Using Nokia 2730, is it a symbian phone but why the Fexplorer wont work?

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    n when i use x-plore..i dint find mmcstore….plz help me…..

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    I tried this method in android.
    I downloaded File explo. in android.
    But in sytstem>data that was empty

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  62. I downloaded fexplorer in my nokia 7210 supernova phone. When i install it, it says invalid application and does not install. What to do now?
    Is there any other way using an android or by computer?

  63. Nanutha Prabhudev

    I’m using Nokia Asha 308 cellphone. my memory card has been locked. plz help me to remove it.

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    Thanks for help through above procedure.
    but i didn’t get any solution using above steps.
    I am using nokia 5233 and turnoff my memory card then format my cell phone.
    now i inserted memory card into phone then this ask to me to enter password to unloak memory car but i forgot password.

    so to unlock memory car i followed your steps but i didn’t get.
    can you please help me?


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    I have the Nokia X2-01 about a year ago i have accidentally formatted my memory card, and i had nt used it since then,bt now i tried to download memory recovery stuff my cell phone does not support it.
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  93. Touche. Great arguments. Keep up the goօd effort.

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