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ipad pro leaks

Recent Rumors on the Specs, Size and Display of Upcoming iPad Pro

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Rumors indicate Apple is currently up for releasing its next toy, the iPad Pro. The device is reported to be hybrid between the iPad Air and Macbook Pro. There’s overwhelming curiosity in the industry as to what would be the look and feel of the slated iPad Pro. Industry sources found a mockup of iPad Pro. The mockup shows the device has a huge screen (12.9 inch). The idea was taken from Macbook Pro, the screen size of which is 13 inch.

In May 2013, a Korean website called ETNews reported Apple is set to release a 12.9 inch iPad in the first quarter of 2014. Looking at the current rumors, it seems iPad Pro would be the device that ETNews spoke about. The original iPad was 9.7 inch long and the iPad Mini’s size was 7.9 inch. There were rumors initially that the 12.9 inch device would be called iPad Maxi due to its larger size. However, the rumors were discarded quickly.

 iPad Pro Rumors

As per reports, the diagonal measurement of the display of iPad Pro will see an increase of 3.2 inches from the original iPad. The aspect ratio would be 4:3 and it will result in a considerable increase in display area. The increase could be as much as 40%. Therefore, iPad Pro will not just be a device with larger display area but it will also have 99 pixels per inch density compared to iPad with pixel density of 132 ppi. The reduction in pixel density will make screen icons appear large.

ipad pro leaks

Apple needed a resolution of 1366 x 1024 pixels to accommodate 132 ppi density of its existing 9.7 inch iPad in iPad Pro’s 12.9 inch screen. However, sources like ETNews are not credible. In the past, reports from ETNews have been found incorrect. It claimed iPhone 4S would be launched in June 2011. Ut also made the claim that iPhone 5 would be made of Liquidmetal alloys and release in June 2012. None of these actually happened though.

Current rumors confirm iPad Pro will be 12.9 inch in size and 600 grams in weight. Its resolution would be 4096 x 3072 pixels. Due to large screen panel and high resolution, 4K display would run smoothly. The 2K variant of the device will have a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels.

A concept image of iPd Pro has recently been rendered which reveals many details about the device. The design pattern seems to be based on iPad Air as iPad Pro will also have slimmer bezels. The screen will have In-Plane Switch technology and LED backlight and the device will have thickness of 7.5 mm. There’s a dispute regarding the processor as one source claimed iPad Pro to have two 64-bit A7 chipsets while other sources indicate there will be one A8 64 processor.

The device will basically be a hybrid between laptop and tablet. It will sport some very advanced features such as air gesture control, eye-tracking verification and 8 megapixel camera with full HD capacity. iPad Pro is also rumored to have 4 powerful speakers at the corner.

In all senses, it would be top notch device and an attempt to cash in on the popularity of iPad Air and Macbook Pro. How far Apple succeeds is yet to see.


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