Moneydance Review – Best Personal Finance Software 2016


What can you justifiably expect a personal finance software application to do for you? You will want it to sync your different accounts, help you set up a budget, send you warnings when your expenses exceed a certain limit, manage your trades and investments in the stock market and give …

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Top AdSense Alternatives That Offer Quick Approvals for New Bloggers

Adsense Alternatives

As someone who is new to blogging, one of the first things you will do after setting up your blog would be to look for an advertising network that would allow you to monetize your blog and earn a decent online income from it. Obviously, most people would tell you …

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DIY Home Entertainment System

home theater

Even though it can hardly be described as a bare necessity, a good entertainment system is one of the most important assets in your home. Regardless if you are a passionate cinephile or a dedicated gamer, you will greatly benefit from a good entertainment setup. Unfortunately, ordering random setup is …

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Importance of a Secure Online Payment System for Your Business

secure online payment

  Online payment systems such as PayPal, Skrill, Square, Payza and Transferwise handle transactions worth billions of dollars every day. Every online business should have an online payment system. They are secure, easy to use and protect you from problems resulting from security breaches on your own network. Websites that handle money …

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Ways Creative Visuals Can Sell Your Product

visual branding

If you try to sell Coca Cola in a completely different type of bottle, or in a way that the brand is not obvious, you already know that sale would not go well. That says a lot about the importance of the visual representation. Furthermore, it means that you need …

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Top 6 PayPal Alternatives for Freelancers in 2016

Paypal alternatives

I have been a PayPal user ever since I began my career as a freelancer and have no real complaints against it. PayPal is a terrific service for freelancers and a safe way to receive payments. However, not all countries have PayPal and even those that have PayPal, have restricted …

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Bing Bitcoin Converter Review

Bitcoin converter

Imagine a world with real capitalism – not a capitalism rigged in the favor of powerful bankers, rich hedge fund managers, multinational corporations and national governments. But real capitalism, free market capitalism, which is truly free – where people are free to trade with other people, free to make their …

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Dropbox Review 2016 – Why Dropbox?

dropbox review

Do you have multiple devices at home – a desktop PC, an Apple MacBook, a Samsung smartphone, an Apple iPad and an eBook reader as well? Surely you do, because these devices – while the specific brands may differ – are commonly present in most homes in the modern world. …

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