How to download Facebook Album Downloader?

download fb albums

We all are using Facebook every day and we upload and share lots of photos, status and video on our Facebook account, Facebook offer a facility to upload unlimited photos and videos on FB account, almost every Facebook user uploads lots of photos on Facebook in different albums. Facebook gives a facility to create …

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Delete Facebook Messages – Step by Step Guide!

Delete Facebook Messages

Facebook is one of the largest social networking website. People having Facebook account can easily interact with each other their friends and relatives by sitting at far distant simply using internet. Facebook provide a messages service, where one person can chat with another person without any limit of messages or …

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How To Delete Facebook Account Permanently ?

how to delete fb account

Do you feel insecure on Facebook and want to delete Facebook Account. Facebook provide a temporary option to deactivate Facebook Account but it’s just temporary, that is it deactivates your account for some temporary period of time and reactivates your Facebook Account when you login into Facebook. Facebook doesn’t provide …

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Protect Gmail Account using Gmail phone verification !

gmail two step verification

Your Gmail Password is too long and complex to guess, but still it is not enough to Protect your Gmail Account so, more protection is required that’s why Google provided some more features earlier i.e.” 2nd Step Verification”. This is feature is most trusted and better feature to protect your …

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Remove Delta Search from Google Chrome! Solved

delta search remove

Delta Search Engine is browser plug-in or toolbar or extension for most popular web browser such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. It is unwanted program used by its owner to promote its commercial sites or to promote its search engine to sell product and services or to …

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