How to clear Cookies, Cache and History on Google Chrome?

clear google chrome cache and cookies

Google Chrome is one the best internet web browser developed by Google, Google chrome is light weight and slight web browser which giver you fantastic performance, I personally use Google Chrome web browser and I am very happy with the performance of Google Chrome, Google chrome is the number one …

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How to Block / Stop Candy Crush Saga Facebook Request Notifications?

candy crush iritation

Hello Readers, Candy crush is the most downloaded and famous mobile game now days, On this game when user wants more lives than they send requests to their Facebook friends to give them lives by accepting requests. If you are sick of getting irritated Candy Crush saga Notification on Facebook …

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MobiKin Assistant for Android Transfer Text messages & Contacts from Android phone to PC

It is more and more popular to save text messages and contacts from our mobile phone to computer, because the contacts and SMS in our android phones are always important, so we want to save them in a safe place, to prevent loss that we need to have own android …

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