Coinbase Custody Targets $10 Billion in Institutional Funds for Bitcoin Investment

We are designing Coinbase Custody to meet the needs of institutional clients. In particular, we feel that institutional clients require: Strict financial controls (multiple signers, audit trails, limits, etc) Dedicated account representatives and phone support SLAs on funds transfers A regulated digital currency custodian Multi-user accounts with separate permissions Support …

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Philippines Ready For Crypto Revolution?

Philippines Ready for Crypto Revolution? Perhaps looking to its prosperous neighbor, Japan, the Philippines seems ready to welcome a cryptocurrency revolution within the archipelago. Agricultural firm Calata Corp. was recently stripped from its formal stock exchange for improprieties, and has since taken the latest craze in public fundraising, the initial …

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Russia Will Never Legalize Bitcoin

Russia will never legalize Bitcoin The Russian minister of communications and mass media said yesterday that the country will not consider the legalization of digital currencies like bitcoin. According to state-owned news service TASS, Nikolai Nikiforov stated: “Bitcoin is a foreign project for using blockchain technology, the Russian law will …

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Crypto Currency Simple Token Hits 90% of Target- Press release!

Simple Token Hits 90% of Target – Press release today! Simple Token — the platform that enables mainstream companies to easily launch their own cryptocurrencies on a blockchain, announced that it has sold 90% of its target within the first week of its ICO. The Simple Token sale is live …

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3 Ways in Which You Can Go 80’s in Your Website Design

80's graffiti

Even though the 80’s were a remarkable decade, it is more than clear that from a time distance this era appears more alluring than it ever was. The reason behind this is quite simple, seeing how people tend to look at the thematic elements of the 80’s through the prism …

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Be Closer to Your Audience with Well-Thought-Out Presentations

Be Closer to Your Audience with Well-Thought-Out Presentations PowerPoint presentations are common not only in school but also in the business environment when it comes to providing reports, new ideas or introducing a project. Thus, a presentation can be a useful tool when it comes to introducing any idea or …

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Importance of Securing Data for Online Businesses

tablet person business

Today, the majority of businesses, both big and small, depend on the Internet for day-to-day operations. No matter what measures you have taken, you can always do a better job at protecting sensitive and vital data. Evaluate your security system, its weaknesses and strong points. Your business, reputation, fortune and …

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