Free Streaming Sites To Watch Movies Online

free movies online

So, what are the best sites to watch movies online? There are a plenty of free streaming sites to watch movies online, and some of them are really good. The great thing about movie streaming sites is that you don’t have to wait to download the file to play the …

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Happy Birthday, Windows 95! – 20 years Ago Today…

windows 95

All you young tech heads out there  have a look at this ……. Wow how technology has developed and improved. Twenty years ago today, people were lining up at CompUSA or Best Buy at midnight. It wasn’t a new Call of Duty game, Apple’s latest iPod, or any type of …

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Top Reasons To Avoid Free Hosting

no to free hosting

If you are going to create a website then it mainly requires a domain name and a hosting space. There are so many free platforms where you can create your site like BlogSpot, but they come with a great deal limitations. A professional webmaster`s first and best approach is …

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Three Easy Methods To Unlock Memory Card Password

unlock memory card

  Why should you know how to unlock memory card password? The memory card is a small drive that stores large digital files. Memory cards are used to store documents, music, videos, images and other important files. Passwords are used to protect the data in a memory card so that …

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Wow ! UK roads to charge electric cars as they drive

Electric car

  The British government is soon to test road technology which allows drivers of electric and hybrid cars to charge their vehicles as easily as they charge their phones. The new motorway will enable electric cars to charge as they drive, using magnetic induction technology. This invention will help drivers …

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WeatherBrush Lets People Say Goodbye to Dreaded Bad Hair Days

weather brush

 We All Need This At Some Time In Our Lives  Very Innovative Gadget WeatherBrush 1.0.1 is a no-cost #iOS app Created by WeatherBrush, LLC, WeatherBrush 1.0.1 is a no-cost iOS app that takes the guesswork out of daily styling by providing users with real-time weather data for their location, including …

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How To Use Normal Internet Plan On Blackberry


  Blackberry mobiles are different from Android devices or iPhones because they come with their own internet service, called the BIS or Blackberry Internet Service. Blackberry mobile phones have their own unique features and come with many benefits. For instance, Blackberry phones have impeccable security – which you don’t get …

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Facebook Getting Richer By The Day, You Can Grab Some Of Their Profits.

how to delete fb account

Here is How To Grab Some Profits From Facebook. Facebook Shares rise more than 21% This Year. Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) The giant social media company is trading at a near all-time high. Shares of Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) rose more than 21% this year, trading at $94.66 apiece. During the second …

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