How Do You Make Money On YouTube?


So, how do you make money on YouTube? YouTube is the most popular video sharing website in the world. YouTube is also a cash cow – there is so much money you can make on YouTube by promoting either your own products or those of other companies. There are many …

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Print Your Own 3D Candy And Eat It- Technology Rapidly Changing Our World


Do You Want To Print Your Own 3D Edible Candy? I would Love To Try This Out How fascinating is this technology? You can now print and eat you very own 3D gummie candy. at the Magic Candy factory . It does seem to be like magic but it is …

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Is This The End Of Google, Apple and Face Book?

google facebook apple amazon

So-Called Fab Five Tech Stocks Tumble Is this the end of Google, Apple and Facebook? Shares in the so-called Fab Five tech companies — Google (GOOG), Amazon (AMZN), Apple (AAPL), Netflix (NFLX) and Facebook (FB)n– all tumbled today as the markets opened in New York, raising fears about wider implications …

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How Will The Robot Cars Cope With Germany’s Conditions

robot cars

 Are the Robot cars being tested in Germany taking on Googles automated cars in California? Find out here. Wuppertal, Germany (dpa) – The city of Wuppertal in Germany’s Rust Belt of old-era industrial towns has been chosen to test the driverless car of the future on regular city roads among …

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Free Streaming Sites To Watch Movies Online

free movies online

So, what are the best sites to watch movies online? There are a plenty of free streaming sites to watch movies online, and some of them are really good. The great thing about movie streaming sites is that you don’t have to wait to download the file to play the …

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Happy Birthday, Windows 95! – 20 years Ago Today…

windows 95

All you young tech heads out there  have a look at this ……. Wow how technology has developed and improved. Twenty years ago today, people were lining up at CompUSA or Best Buy at midnight. It wasn’t a new Call of Duty game, Apple’s latest iPod, or any type of …

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Top Reasons To Avoid Free Hosting

no to free hosting

If you are going to create a website then it mainly requires a domain name and a hosting space. There are so many free platforms where you can create your site like BlogSpot, but they come with a great deal limitations. A professional webmaster`s first and best approach is …

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Three Easy Methods To Unlock Memory Card Password

unlock memory card

  Why should you know how to unlock memory card password? The memory card is a small drive that stores large digital files. Memory cards are used to store documents, music, videos, images and other important files. Passwords are used to protect the data in a memory card so that …

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