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Open Dat Files

How to Open Dat Files? Solved!

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Almost every internet user has their email id and they use their email id to send and receive the email with file attachments like pictures, documents, programs etc. Mostly whenever we receive an email with any file attachment, we simply download that attachment and saw that files, but many times we receive the attachment files in.Dat file format. 

Open Dat Files

Now, whenever we receive the.Dat extension file some questions come in our mind like

  • What are .Dat files?
  • Is .Dat files are virus?
  • How to open .Dat files?
  • What exactly is .Dat files?

I know it simply happens when we receive any .Dat file. In today’s article (How to Open Dat files) I am going to show you the way to open .Dat files in your PC.

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Actually .Dat files are nothing but indicate the arbitrary data. Means it is not from any particular application program or software. Many peoples think that.Dat files are virus and that file harm your computer, No .DAT files are not a virus and that file didn’t harm your computer.

IF we are trying to open that .Dat extension files in windows then first it shows select the program in which you want to run that files. Means the .Dat file is not associated with any particular program, for example if you have any .DAT file and you open that file in Notepad, then you saw that file is not in readable format it shows some Chinese language or rectangular black boxes.

Actually no one create the .Dat extension files means no application have .DAT extension file format, whenever any persons send the email with files attachmentsome email services automatically convert the file extension into .Dat file format.

For this problem I will show you the some easy methods to open and convert.Dat files.

How to open Dat Files? – Method 1

Whenever you received the .Dat file with email attachment simply ask sender to what they exactly sends you like picture, video, .doc, .xml, .ppt etc. files. After that when you got reply from him that what they exactly sends you follow the below procedure to open .Dat file.

For example, he sends you MS word file and you received that file in.Dat format

1) First of all select that .Dat file and right click on it

2) Now select properties

Open Dat Files

3) Now click on the Change button

Open Dat Files

4) Now you saw the all programs which is available on your PC simply select the program in which you want to open that file

Note: In step 4 select that program which is telling you by senders for example, if he said that he sends the .Doc file, then select the Microsoft Word.

Open Dat Files

5) Now click on OK button

After doing above five steps, simply double click on your file your file will open without any error.

How to open.Dat Files? – Method 2

You can also change the file format without doing above method, you can simply rename the .Dat file and change it to their original file format. For this, simply follow the below steps.

1) First of all you have changed some settings on your PC

2) For windows XP and 7:

  • Open my computer, select tools>Folder option
  • Now checkmark the “Hide extensions for known file types” option
  • Now click on Ok button
  • For windows 8
  • Open my computer, select View
  • Now checkmark the “Hide extensions for known file types” option

3) After that you’ll see that all files are shown with their extension

4) Now simply rename the file and change the extension of file

  • For example: You want to change the .DAT file into.Doc file, then simply rename the file Finename.dat to Filename.doc

Open Dat Files

After renaming the file, the format of the file will change and the file is ready for use.

How to open .Dat Files? – Method 3

There are lots of online tools are available to convert .Dat files online, where you can simply upload the .Dat files and online tool will convert your file into your desired file format in few seconds.

Open Dat Files

Click on the below link to convert .Dat file into your desired file format.

Convert .Dat file

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