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open access blocked sites

How to access / open blocked sites at office, college, school ?

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Open Blocked Sites in  office, college, school are our Topic, Many times when we are in our school, college or at the office trying to open some social networking sites (Facebook, Google+, Twitter) or some downloading sites (Torrent, Songs) in free time, but unfortunately that websites are blocked by the administration, I know it sucks and we are trying to open that site again and again but at last we did not get anything, their are many ways to open blocked websites on PC/ Laptop without spending money. 

To access / open  blocked sites at college, office, school, we are going to show you the some different easiest method, by using below method you can easily assess blocked sites without paying anything.

open access blocked sites

Top methods to open / access blocked sites

1) How to Open blocked sites using their IP address instead of Website URL

Generally, administrators block the websites using their Website URL (Domain name), means they create the Black list of those websites which they want to block on their server, they simply put the website on that blacklist file and whenever any person trying to open any website on that server, first server checks the domain name in  the blacklist file if the name is not found in that file then the website will open and if the website domain name was found in the blacklist file than the website will not open on that server.

For the solution of this problem you have to use the IP address of the site instead of website URL, Follow the below steps to find a websites IP address.

  • Go to Start menu of your PC and select Run
  • Now type CMD and press enter

open access blocked sites

  • Type ping website name (For example: ping www.facebook.com)
  • After entering the above command, the command prompt will show you the IP address of entered website

open access blocked sites

  • Simply enter that IP address in your web browser and enjoy the access of blocked websites.

2) How to Access / Open Blocked sites using URL shorten service

As I said in above method administrator is creating one Black list of websites and put that file on server, you can use the access that blocked website using the IP address of blocked website but many times Command Prompt is also blocked in school, college, offices. So the URL shortens services helps you to open blocked websites on your PC. Follow the below procedure to create URL Shorten of the blocked website.

  • First of all open any one website URL shorten service from below list
  • Open any one website from the above link and put the blocked website name on URL shorten box
  • Click on Shorten URL
  • After that you will get a short URL of your entered website
    For example short URL of facebook.com is: http://goo.gl/uLkIJj
  • Now simply copy the Short URL and Paste It in your web browser

open access blocked sites

  • Now you can easily open blocked sites in your office, college or at school

3) How to Access / Open blocked sites using Proxy server in a web browser

You can also access the blocked website using a proxy server in your web browser,  proxy surfing is a simple method which uses to access blocked sites, though it’s proxy server, you have made some few changes in your web browser settings and add the desired website name in it. Follow the below procedure.

  • Open Google Chrome browser
  • Click on Settings > Advance settings >
  • Now select ‘Show advance settings ’
  • Select ‘Change proxy setting’
  • Go to connection tab and select LAN settings
  • Now checkmark on ‘Use Proxy Server for your LAN’
  • After that, enter the website name (Which you want to access) in the address field
  • Enter port number is: 80
  • Click on OK button

open access blocked sites

  • Now type the website name in the web browser address bar
  • And enjoy the accessibility of the blocked website in Google Chrome browser

4)How to Access, Open Blocked sites using Proxy sites

There are lots of proxy sites available on the internet which allows you to access the blocked website on your PC without installing any software and without changing the setting of your web browser etc.

Proxy site trick for open / access blocked sites are very and popular, it is very simple and easy method to access blocked websites in your school, colleges or at the office. I am listing some popular proxy site which allows you to access blocked websites easily.

  • Hidemyass.com
  • Anonymouse.org
  • Anonymizer.com
  • Ultrareach.net
  • Theproxybay.com

There are lots of other proxy websites are available in internet you can simply Google it and you ll get more proxy sites.

5) How to Open / Access Blocked sites using TOR Browser

TOR is a web browser which allows you to open / access blocked websites on your PC, It is the easiest method to open the blocked websites, simply install the TOR web browser and access the sites without using any IP address, Proxy sites, CMD etc.

Download TOR Browser For free

6) How to Access / Open Blocked sites using Google Translator

This is also an amazing technique to open blocked websites in server, you can easily convert the web page into another language and access them easily, these websites allow you to access the website in their webpage in Translated language easily. You just have to double translate the website in  Google Translator which you want to access.

7) How to Access / Open Blocked sites using Way back machine.

Way back machine is nothing but an internet archive which keeps record of popular websites, means it keeps the all past record of website. If you open the latest version of the website then it shows the error like the website is blocked.

open access blocked sites

Simply go to below the way back machine and enter the desired website name and access the website.

Way back machine

8) How to Access / Open Blocked sites using Hola extension

You can access the blocked sites using Hola extension in your web browser, Hola is a web browser extension which allows you to access the restricted websites on your PC. It is absolutely free service. Hola extension for available for all major web browsers.

Download Hola extension.

9) How to Open Blocked sites using Decimal codes

As I said in above method we can access the website using IP address and URL shorten, there is one more method like this. You can also access the blocked websites using decimal codes, simply convert the website domain into their decimal code and enter that code into your web browser to access the restricted websites. There are many tools available on the internet on to convert the domain id into decimal code, but the most popular tool is Allredroster.com.

open access blocked sites

10) How to Open Blocked sites using UltraSoft Tool

UltraSoft software allows you to access any type of restricted website on the server, UltraSoft is most popular and powerful tool to access the restricted or blocked website into your school, college or at the offices. I am also using this tool in my college :P, follow the below steps to use the UltraSoft tool.

  • Download UltraSoft tool By clicking here
  • Now unzip the downloaded file
  • Now select the UltraSoft file and run it
  • One window will open, simply minimize it

open access blocked sites

  • That’s it
  • Now go to your web browser and enjoy the access of restricted websites.


Hope you like our article “How to open blocked website in Office, College & School”, There are some more methods available to open blocked site in our upcoming articles we will also post about, open blocked sites without proxyopen blocked sites on androidopen blocked sites softwareopen blocked sites on iphonefree software to open blocked sites. So stay sonnected with TechyPassion. If you have any Doubt or query related to open or access block sites then feel free to ask your doubt using below comment box. 🙂


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  1. it is not possible for our college students to acess facebook ,youtube and some other due to foriguard firewall help me out of here

  2. Hey in my college i can not open youtube i can only google it but whenever i click on a video link it does not open pls help me

  3. AS AND WHEN I OPEN SITE OF thepiratebay.org then there is Proxy cannot access

  4. i have tried all methods even though its not working…..other than these methods i also tired tor browser but it didn’t worked…and it does not show ip adress of the blocked sites in cmd..
    plzz help me

  5. methods are not working for me. They have blocked URLtransactionsites(proxy), IP address and we cant install any software due to student log on.

  6. Social networks are blocked in my college.i was tried several proxy software and online proxies but the result is Request denied by WatchGuard HTTP Proxy.They are blocked google+ and also sometime google page.then how can i access blocked website?

  7. I cannot download and access youtube in my college how can i access and download college plz tell me

  8. Yuo can use maskmenow.com to access any blocked website.
    turn off javascript via proxy’s settings for the optimal performance
    you can use whatever for the subdomain and access this proxy so it will never get banned.
    example: you can access the proxy from *.maskmenow.com replace * with whatever word you like.

    shailesh puri recently posted…Best Sites to Buy Domains In IndiaMy Profile

  9. If I open the site using IP address will the IT administrator come to know about this. I mean is it traceable?

  10. Hi Friends, you want to access blocked websites without using any critical steps!!! please download webfreer and access the site whatever you want !!! enjoy and comment feedback to here!!
    then it will helps to other!!

  11. Harshit…thank you for this article….but wanted to know how secure is this Ultrasurf…as normally using this proxy….will be using mail accounts and purchase something online…I was not able to fine anything on net..

  12. Hi bro..
    i was try all process but i can not access the social networking sites.
    so please help me

  13. hello harshit. my problem is like, whenever i try to access any blocked site from the methods you’ve suggested the results are negative. like: after using IP address or decimal codes, server responds ” access denied, due to IP Address”. n by using other sites “listed as a site within the category URLTranslationSites”. is there any method now?

  14. Hi ,

    Please help me accessing gmail and other sites in my offices. Everything is blocked here . i am not able to access gmail also.

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