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Nokia Lumia 521 Reviews, Features and Price!

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Nokia Lumia 521 – not just another mobile phone

Nokia Lumia 521 The phone is not just another mobile that you see and read about. The mobile comes from Nokia who are long known for their hardware that are made with the latest technology. The phone is great and to add to it, it is fast and very accurate. It has the ability to custom display and therefore provide for easy and frustration free use. Yes, there is no need to swipe the whole day just for one app, because, integrated into it is the Windows animated tiles display whatever you need.  Using it is easy and hassle free.

There are many things that will help you work more, have fun and connect with the world and make the Nokia Lumia a true companion wherever you go. The interface is smooth and has plug-ins to all the other device interface. What attracts you to this phone is the ease of use. You do not have to study or have a degree in software to understand running the phone. It is rated low for whichever reason, but as such there are no bad things to be said about it. Another important aspect is that it is affordable.

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Looks and built of Nokia Lumia 521

The Lumia 521 is a compact mobile that comes with a nice large screen of 4 inches and is great to be used by one hand only – So no stretching of thumbs or fiddling with both the hands. It is also comfortable to hold. The back is neat and clean and allows access to battery and SIM. The screen provides a color display of 800 x 480 pixels and is quite effective when it comes to display as the end results are bright and colorful. However, you can see some aspects are not noteworthy like the angle with which you view the display as the visibility is very poor.

What’s integrated Nokia Lumia 521?

The Nokia comes with a small screen, yet has the ability to deliver crisp and perfect information. It comes with Windows phone 8. It has customizable tiles so that you do not fiddle with the apps to get the right one. You get a quick glace here. Be careful if you are used to android as you might find the operation slow. The ‘Here’ location provides maps, transit directions, traffic and many more. The music app provides free streaming radio as well.

The camera in this Lumia 521 does not speak much. It is a 5 mega pixel camera and provides good image if not excellent. The focus is not instant and so lags a little. Good light provides for decent pictures, but bad lights are not supported as there is no flash. Overall, this is just a little camera without much fancy features to it.

Performance of Nokia Lumia 521

The mobile comes with Windows phone 8 and has 1 ghz dual core snapdragon processor with 512 MB of RAM. Well, this seems good as the performance itself showed that it was smooth while browsing the when and also playing games. It runs on T-mobile’s HSPA + 21 4G network, which means this is not the fastest one. However, the most important aspect and which is the call is quite solid. Wherever you can and whoever you call, the voice is clear and crisp – no static experienced. The volume is also good and did not irritate.

Besides, the battery lasted for 10 hours, which is great. It comes with 1430 mAH battery. It gives 7 GB of storage on the Microsoft SkyDrive, now you can sync the phone with the other devices.

Price of Nokia Lumia 521

The price is the vital aspect that has attracted buyers. The cost is just Rs. 9,120 approximately.

I am very Thankful to Raadha Sharma who gives me such a nice information about nokia Lumia nokia mobiles price.


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