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New Leaks on HealthBook

New Leaks on HealthBook, iTunes Radio for iOS 8 and Apple Maps

Few days back, a screenshot of iOS 8 was leaked. The screenshot revealed some apps that are new to iOS ecosystem. Those apps were Healthbook, TextEdit, Tips and Preview. There has been an array of rumors for last couple of days based on the leaked screenshot. However, a new leak has also shown up with useful information in iOS 8. The new screenshot is not unrelated with the previous screenshot. The previous screenshot showed an app called Health book. Subsequently, there were rumors on the functionality of the app. The new screenshot indicates the functionalities. 9to5mac, a very credible source for obtaining information on the latest development on iOS briefed that Healthbook will serve information on health and may provide health-based instructions. The health and fitness market is emerging rapidly. To tap on that market, Apple may have thought of introducing Healthbook. This time, 9to5mac provides further information on the app. According to them, the Healthbook app is closely related to wearable devices for staying healthy and fit. The app will track health related stats for users. Those stats will include weight, heart beat, blood pressure, steps, calorie burn, etc. The Healthbook app will have structural similarity with the Passbook app in iOS 7.

New Leaks on HealthBook

New Leaks on HealthBook, iTunes Radio for iOS 8 and Apple Maps – Screenshot

The Healthbook app, like Passbook, will borrow cards that would offer records to track activities. There are already few health apps. Healthbook will have a stark difference from them such as various fitness details will be tracked by it that other apps don’t track. Such details are hydration, blood pressure, respiratory rate, oxygen level in blood, sugar and many more.

The Healthbook app may very well be able to track daily activity, weight ganing or losing as well as adequate nutrition such as proper diet. But in order to track heart beat and blood pressure, a user would need a wearable device. A big task for Apple is to develop additional equipment. It’s not clear whether Apple would manufacture those devices itself or if the company would take help from third parties.   Few months back, Apple hired two professionals, both of whom were earlier working in medical technologies. Some anticipated that Apple is working currently on pulse oximetry as wearable devices to track pulse rate is not difficult to design. They look more like Smartwatches, which have been introduced in the gadget world. There are other important updates on iOS 8. Sources said Apple is working on its iTunes Radio for iOS 8. The iTune Radio will be a standalone app on iOS 8, contrary to iOS 7 where it is just a music app. If this indeed happens, iTunes Radio will get a new identity. Truth is, even though iTunes Radio has been well-received, it is just a tiny app in iOS platform. Users expect more. If it becomes a standalone app, third party developers will exclusively work for it and that will trigger user-satisfaction. There’s a good news for all iOS users. Sources suggest Apple will upgrade its database for iOS maps. Travel destinations such as airports, restaurants, highways, train stations, parks and sports grounds will be added as labels. Public transit will also be added to the iOS map. As the release date is nearing, number of leaks has also increased. We will keep our vigil eyes open as to whether any such leaked screenshot or any informative detail surfaces.


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