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Movavi Video Suite Detailed Review

Movavi Video Suite Detailed Review

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Today we are reviewing ‘Movavi‘, initially just video editing software when it was released first in 2004 but a video suite now with tons of extra and unique features which you will only find in Movavi video suite.  In its journey of 10 years it has spread throughout the world with a rapid speed. With Movavi video suite 12 anything is possible without downloading tons of different software to accomplish the task. This all-in-one package is perfect to be called ‘value for money’. Downloading different software for one task is heck of a work specially when they are heavily priced without a good support, community and are young. I can guarantee you that after buying Movavi Video Suite you don’t need any other software even to play music or to browse photos, The main products of Movavi are Video Converter, Video Editor, Screen Capture, Video Maker and many others.

Movavi Video Suite Detailed Review

Ease of Use

Being user-friendly this company has also got to offer us technical support and Live chat. Even a first time user will have no problem in using Movavi Videos suite like a pro. Without much knowledge of all the technical specs you can fully utilize this software for the features offered. It’s as easy as it gets! I find it very intuitive and technical. I was able to use its entire feature without the need of googling about them. Even if you have some problems using this then I would recommend you to head to their ‘Learning Section’ which has a bunch of how-tos and technical knowledge about video codes, effects, formats and just everything which you need to know before getting into video editing stuff. With all this support and how-tos you also get manual to use the products to the fullest. I must say that that’s a lot of support which every company needs to offer.


This list is endless with such amazing software. Your imagination is the end here 😉 More than that Movavi also offers some ‘Extra tools for creativity’. These include Stock Video Footage, Extra Effects, Extra Transitions for endless possibilities for a first time user. I have tried to cover as many features as possible but the list is far beyond than mine.

  • Convert your videos to any format you desire. The thing is that you can even convert your DVDs!
  • Convert audio files and even extract them from a video clip. Quiet handy stuff there
  • Support for Mobile Devices for conversion of audio/video files.
  • Split and join different videos.
  • Capturing your computer screen or from cameras, TV tuners, VHS with sound.
  • Editing them, applying effects, adding a title and a lot of technical stuff.
  • Burning them to a CD, DVD or even a Blu-ray with the ability to create audio CDs and Video DVDs.
  • Option to share your videos on social networking sites.
  • Creating slideshows and converting SWF file formats to almost all video formats and much more!

Movavi Video Suite features

After downloading Movavi video suite you’ll need to uninstall a lot of software as This suite has it all! It can do anything from capturing a video to editing it and then publishing it. IU really like the list of supported video formats and codes which can be found here.


Pricing is one thing which would be definitely eating your brain after knowing such rich features of Movavi Video Suite. No need to worry at all, there is hefty price on this suite. It’s available just for 1990 inr till June 29, 2014! It’s actual price is also just 3299inr! I would say that only a buffoon would leave their deals. There’s always a huge discount on Movavi video suite for us, which makes it affordable for every day users and beginners. The website has also got to offer 30 day money back guarantee to ensure user satisfaction. Thoug it won’t be need by any user at all.

Movavi Video Suite price


I would say that this is a must have suite for anyone who is going to upload videos to Youtube or any other site or edit some video clips to have some memorable ones. There’s nothing which goes against it. It’s rich user interface, support community and long list of features makes it go to our ‘value for money’ list of software. Buy this or keep on buying video editing software until unless you are complete!


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