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MoboRobo review – Free Android and iPhone PC Suite!

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Hello everyone there! So you’re set up for another article from this site huh! Well, this article is for all those android and PC lovers. I’m here with a mesmerizing tool that is useful for the devices like android, mobile phones and Tablets. This article is for those who want to transfer the data often from your android devices to your personal computer. In the present world, there is a lot of importance for privacy of devices as they carry all the personal and private data in them. So, irrespective of the device, everyone using the electronic devices have more concern for their privacy. Do you know that you can control the features of devices from your desktop computer?  Wondered?! I’ll tell you how. The amazing tool required to do this is nothing but Moborobo, a PC manager that can restore, backup, and manage the data and thus allows you to access the data in your mobiles directly from your Personal Computer. This is the tool available for Windows PCs. You can connect iOS or Android Smartphone to your PC to your computer. Once after connecting it, you can access everything right from the PCas everything will be visible on your PC screen. It is actually like expanding the screen size from your mobile to the PC. Quite interesting right! To know more about how this awesome PC Manager works, just follow the post completely. Here we start!

moborobo review

How to download MoboRobo?

To know how it works and all, first you need to know how to download MoboRobo. To download MoboRobo click on the links provided in the article you will find the, as you follow up the article. Once after clicking on the downloading like, you will come to know the entire process of downloading. MoboRobo is accessible for all the mobile devices. The downloading process is quite simple as just downloading like other tools. You need to follow the same procedure here too. After clicking on the downloading like, you will have to run the set up file from its official website and then run the downloaded file to install in your PC. That is it! You are up with the phone manager that helps you to manage the android devices to experience at very best level.

How to Connect your Android Device to your PC?


After downloading MoboRobo, connect your device to your PC Manager. There are two ways to connect your device. You can connect with a Wi Fi or by using a compatible micro USB cable. You will have to install MoboRobo Daemon app if you want to connect through a Wi-Fi and you have to install this via Play Store. Make sure that you enabled USB debugging on your android device which means MoboRobo can install all the necessary drivers and recognize your device easily.

Overview of Features of MoboRobo:

Childlike User Interface

User Interface is the one every user looks for when he is buying software. It doesn’t matter which software he is buying, but every user expects his User Interface to be awesome. As we mentioned earlier, MoboRobo has got an easy manageable User Interface. Anyone who doesn’t has much knowledge about computer software can be able to work easily with this tool.

Accessing basic applications:


Basic applications of a mobile like contacts, messaging, call logs can be managed by MoboRobo manager. The basic applications include,



All your contacts will be visible on the computer screen. All the contacts on your mobile phone will be visible on the screen once you connect the phone to the computer with MoboRobo manager installed. With this, you can add, delete and do everything that you will be doing in a mobile.


You can also make calls by using MoboRobo manager through Personal Computer. After connecting your mobile to the computer with the software installed, you can see the contacts and make a call directly from there.


Like said before, you can send messages. You can see all the options on the big screen of you computer after installing the software. From there, you can send the messages and make calls from your mobile. Like this, you can access all the operations that can be done on mobile in the computer.

Multimedia Applications:

Multimedia applications include audio, video, images and everything that sort of things that a mobile performs. When it comes to the android mobile devices, it has major operations for it to perform. One can raise the doubt that if this is possible to perform if your android/iOS mobile is connected to your PC? Yes of course, it is very possible because when  you’re using MoboRobo, it will display all the operations of your mobile on your screen. Also you can download songs and themes from your PC. So, there will not be much difference except that it is visible on a big screen as you’re accessing from your computer.

Backup and Restore:

What if there is a loss of data when you are using MoboRobo manager to clean your mobile when your mobile is connected to your PC. That thought is the reason why there is a backup and restore facility in the cleaning up process of your mobile when it is connected to you PC. A space will be created when the cleaning up process is going on and it is done by clearing some part of the cache memory. So, there is nothing to worry about losing the data.

Finally, this is how MoboRobo works to clean up your mobile. Once you connect your mobile to PC, you can access your mobile directly from your computer as you can see the mobile in the virtually expanded screen on your computer.


Overall, MoboRobo seems a perfect way to manage your smart phone with your mobile. Above all, one more reason for us to recommend this to our readers is that it is completely ad free. You won’t see any pop up ads when you’re accessing this to clean up your device.


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