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Common Mistakes To Avoid When Selling Online

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Want to sell your old products to make some quick $$$$? Then you have to know and understand these Common Mistakes To Avoid When Selling Online

Well, you can do so especially if you have some high quality electronics, clothing or books that people will easily be interested in. However, a large number of people will be selling the same goods and it becomes difficult to make your listing stand out of the crowd. Here are some of the common pitfalls you need to avoid while selling used goods online.

Weak Description

A listing with a weak description won’t be able to grab buyer’s attention, ultimately resulting in being unsold. One of the easiest way to guarantee that your goods are sold out is by posting a solid eye-catching description that makes even a non-interested buyer to glance through the items being sold. Make sure that you list everything from condition to the number of months/years the product was used for! You don’t need to write an essay on it, but write it in a way that explains everything in descriptive manner.

Mistakes To Avoid When Selling Online
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Listing Fees

The internet is full of sites that allows you to buy/sell goods online. However, not all websites allows you to do so without paying a fee. True that some sites allows buying/selling of used goods for free, but many often charge a small listing fee or a small percentage of the sale.  Craigslist and QuickSales in Australia are some of the sites that don’t charge  for a sale and they should be your preferred choice if you don’t want to share your profit.

Posting Blurry/No photos at all

Posting blurry or no photos at all is another reason for the failure of your listing. People get interested in your goods only after seeing the condition of your product and you might be missing a potential customer if you post blurry photos. This is particularly important for products like electronics, clothing’s and vehicles. Decent photographs from different angles and in good lightening conditions will surely boost buyer’s assurance.

Going with Spam emails

Unfortunately, you will receive a lot of spam emails after posting on sites like eBay, OLX, Craigslist and Gumtree. These sites are the main target of spammers to find out your email address and it is important for you to separate those spam emails from the genuine ones. Most spam emails will be automatically sent to your Junk or Spam folder, however some might get to your Inbox too. Don’t respond or download attachments from spammy emails. You can easily identify spam messages, as they will be written in a generic way and won’t actually refer to the product you are selling.

Being Buried Under the Listings

As said above, there will be a huge number of people selling the same goods and it is very  important to stand out from them. Posting your listing at the right time of the day will make a huge difference in its visibility. For instance, posting at 12 o’clock  midnight won’t attract as many buyers as posting at 8am in the morning. Therefore it is necessary to find the right time to post your listing. Weekends are much better for posting your listing as people tend to visit these sites on weekends and you can attract a large number of buyers.

These were some of the pitfalls you need to watch-out while selling used goods. Posting an eye-catching description with decent photographs and then listing it in the right time will definitely increase the number of buyers. Hope you enjoyed reading the post, ask your questions in the comment section below or let us know if we have missed any Mistakes To Avoid When Selling Online in your list!

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