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Can We Live in the Clouds? (Cloud Computing)

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Few years back, the transition from CD to DVD, was something no short of revolution. Few years later, even this method of storing was replaced by USB drives. The difference here was even greater because, first there was substantially more storage space and second, you could write, delete and rewrite with unprecedented ease. This gave people the right idea and they started buying more and more hard disc drives (HDDs) some of which were even designed to be portable. All of this changed when a new technology (cloud computing) appeared on the horizon.

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What is cloud?

Cloud technology or cloud computing is an internet based system, where resources and information are provided to various devices based on on-demand. In other words, it is a revolutionary notion in the IT world with serious inclination to change the world of technology as we know it. It is more practical, and even more affordable than regular computing which must be why it is unlikely that its popularity will get diminished anytime soon.

Faster internet

Seeing how cloud storing technology is truly a remarkable notion most of you will probably ask, why it hasn’t appeared before. The reason for this is quite simple. Today, the speed of internet is so impressive that it is literally easier for us to download anything than to have to scavenge through our CD/DVD case, or to remember where we’ve placed the USB drive. Because of this, you can just upload any file you would otherwise keep on your HDD and later when you need it again just download it. It really is that simple.

Storage space

Well, first of all when it comes to the storage room, cloud storage is simply unparalleled. Even though HDDs and USB drives are cheaper than ever, once you fill them up completely, you only have two options. First one is to start deleting (which is as unacceptable storing solution as storing solutions go) and the second one is to buy another storing unit. With cloud however, when you need more space, you just buy more space.

Things You should know about cloud Computing



Now, when it comes to availability and accessibility, it would be safe to say that this is cloud’s best feature. The worst thing about CD/DVD, HDD or flash drive is a fact that you must carry them around in order to access data written on them. With cloud computing this is not so. Anything stored in a cloud can easily be accessed through any terminal on planet. Meaning that your data will always be available to you as long as you have a computer or a mobile device with you. According to experts at pCloud it is this feature precisely, that is going to make any other form of storing completely obsolete.


Although some would dispute the security of this entire cloud system, most stories about its instability are no more than urban legends. Even though initially, there were some issues with security, according to Microsoft’s leading experts, cloud is now completely safe to use. Still, if you do not do your part in protecting your files, they will most certainly be endangered. There are several things you can do to make your cloud storage more secure like create a sound password, or even encrypt your files. Files encryption is an old yet many times proven method of keeping your data safe from prying eyes and one that should never be underestimated.

Other purposes

Storing however, is not the only application of cloud computing. As the title suggests, with every passing day, the world of IT is more and more migrating into the cloud. The best example of this are cloud based applications like Google Docs or the latest MS Office. According to some of the most optimistic estimations, only few years from now, we will have no need for a HDD in our computer whatsoever. We do live in an exciting time.

Finally, when speaking of greatest technological accomplishments in the last decade, one simply cannot oversee cloud computing. Because of this, it is really no surprise whatsoever that we are turning to it more and more in almost every aspect of IT. However, seeing the pace at which cloud grows and improves itself, we need only to wait a bit more in order to see its true potential.


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