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Know Your Tools: Best WordPress Plugins for Event Planning and Event Management

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If you plan to organize an event there are two things that you need to do for it to be successful. First one is spreading the word and second is ensuring the audience. There are a number of ways to do these two things, but the sure way is to make a website for your event. We are not talking about any kind of website, but a website equipped with all the necessary tools and WordPress plugins for event planning and management. Here are 10 plugins that are absolutely essential for any event planning.

Event-Specific Content Management

Event-specific content management plugin is an absolute must-have and should be the first item on your list. This plugin will allow you to track everything that is going on on your website and let you create and manage posts. Currently the two best options are Custom Post Type Maker and Custom Post Type UI. Both of these options are equally good, just pick one that is easier for you to use.


Calendar is equally important. While planning your event you will have to sync different applications and variables with your website and the best way to do this is with your calendar plugin. There is a large number of this type of plugins, but VR Calendar Sync Pro and Responsive Timetable for WordPress are the best. With their user-friendly interface, you will have no trouble using them.

Speaker Information Management

For this, we recommend Fancier Author Box by ThematoSoup and Effective Bio Boxes. This is the plugin you will use to give certain information about the speakers and performers on your event. It is the same type of plugin that bloggers use to display biographies of the authors. With the right tool, this should be a piece of cake, and both of the plugins we recommend have user reviews to back our claims.

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Venue Information

This is a very useful plugin every event website should have. It will make your event more user-friendly by giving all the necessary information to the attendee. Location, maintenance and management of events, and even creating the new ones are just some of many useful things this plugin can do. For the best experience, we definitely recommend Event Organizer because of its many options and easy-to-use interface.

Management of Attendee Registrations

Management of the event registration is crucial for your website and there is no better plugin for this job then Tickera WordPress event ticketing system. It is a third-party software that gives you full control over ticket distribution. It has all the necessary components for selling and distributing tickets to your attendees, and it is pretty economical.

Image Gallery

The best way to attract people to your event is to show them the atmosphere from the previous ones. That is why image gallery plugin is really necessary. Put pictures and videos of previous events on your website, and share them on all of your social networks. It will remind your audience of how they enjoyed previous events, and attract new ones who want to experience it for the first time.

Payment Gateways

Finance and payment gateways are an important area of the website. That is why you should always go for the best reviewed and most used plugin for it. If you ask us, that is Sprout Invoices – Client Invoicing & Estimates. It is a fast, reliable and safe plugin you will have no trouble using.

Attendee Interaction

Interaction with the online community is the key to a successful event. Your presence on social media networks is obligatory, and having a shoutbox plugin is a nice addition. It is a good way to increase interaction with visitors, but be aware of the spam content. If needed, install additional moderation plugins.

Notification Management

Subscribe to Comments Reloaded and WP-CRM – Customer Relations Management for WordPress are notification management plugins. These tools are pretty useful for managing all incoming messages and notifications. With them, you will stay up-to-date with everything that interests you. Plus, you can suspend notifications from posts that aren’t interesting to you anymore.


Our last plugin on the list is Events Manager. This plugin is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to customize their websites fully, but rather have everything in one place. Events Manager has almost all of the functions of the previous plugins on the list and offers a great performance.

With this, our list comes to an end. If you are an event planner your most important tool is your website. With that in mind, the performance of your website is heavily dependent on WP plugins and they can make or break your business. So, when building your website, remember the plugins from this list and your event will be a guaranteed success.

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