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Is iPhone’s biggest selling point android ?

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IPhone 6 has been launched and as always I find it the same old technology in a shiny new package and unsurprisingly, its been selling by the truckloads.

I’ve never been a fan of the iPhone. But even I have to admit, it is probably the best phone money can buy. If people are buying it, there has to be something that Apple is doing right.It got me thinking, what is so great about an iPhone? Its running on hardware that’s considered mediocre by Android standards. It has been playing catch up in the design, screen & features department. Then what is it that makes it so great ?
Maybe its the fact that iPhone doesn’t make the same mistakes as android. Every android device I have seen tends to slow down over time irrespective of version and make. Slowdown is something every android user has grown to accept. But an iPhone doesn’t. Apple promises the same efficiency even when ur phone is 2 years old. I’m yet to come across an android making this guarantee. Have you ?Apple isn’t striving to be the best. Its selling the same age old formula in a shinier package. But my point being, apple isn’t d best because it has worked to be the best. Is it the best because android has never even tried to beat them ?The moto e has a 1.2 GHz dual core processor and sells for Rs 6,999. Add a 0 to that (69,990) and that’s the price of the same hardware in an iPhone. in comparison, Apple is getting away by selling us less that mediocre technology just because it has no competition that matches its performance. Google, by compromising on android has unknowingly given the iPhone the no.1 spot in smartphones. this has been a hard reality every android lover has faced. iPhone just works, android doesn’t.
Just imagine a world where in android has developed so much, that it matches an iphone for performance in every dimension. Would people still pay such exhobitant amounts for an iPhone when an android device can offer the very same efficiency at just 10% of the price ?
The efficiency issue has to do with the crux of the android OS. If android has to become efficient, google will have to change the heart of android. Which is exactly what the Android RunTime(ART) is. ART promises to bring the biggest change to android since ICS. Here’s hoping Google fixes this core android issue in this update rather than just making android shinier.
About AuthorDelwyn Pinto is a tech-savvy blogger. He is currently pursuing post graduation from Mumbai University. He likes to share his knowledge by writing guest articles on other Tech Blogs.


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