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internet plan

Internet Plans – Choices Are Plenty

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Migration of internet services from desktops and laptops to mobile phones was always imminent as internet users always wanted to access online services on the go. Indian telecoms took a while, as compared to the rest of the word, but eventually provided users with cost effective internet services on their phones. The advent of Smartphones also helped the cause. Users were now able to access any information from around the globe on their phones. Also, since most of the apps on Smartphones use internet, it is prudent to select an economical internet plan which suits your need in order to get the most out of your Smartphone.

internet plan

Internet Plans

Internet services like emails, instant messaging (IM) apps, and social media connectivity are some of the prime reasons why the mobile internet became such a pull that it is today. Instead of turning to your desktop computer, users prefer to obtain information on their phones – it is easier and handy. And with IM apps fast replacing traditional SMS, internet packs have become more of a necessity than luxury today. With more number of users subscribing to mobile internet, competition amongst telecom operators to provide better internet plans has increased.

There is little variation amongst telecom operators with regards to data plans and its costing. Most of these operators provide 1GB of 2G data for a month at a cost of around INR 120-150. These plans vary according to circles and operators, but the range is pretty much the same. 1GB of data proves to be quite sufficient for mobile users since the basic activities include emails, accessing social networks, news, application downloads, streaming music etc.

Also, there is little scope of video streaming and other such heavy downloads since internet speed of 2G is not really suitable for it. But even if users wish to have an unlimited internet plan, they are available at a range of around INR 199 for a period of 30 days for prepaid subscribers. It is possible to share your mobile internet on your laptops, computers and tablets. Unlimited internet plans come in handy for users who wish to do the same. Trial plans are also available across all leading telecom providers. These plans provide lesser data usage for a lesser amount and are useful for subscribers who wish to avail data plans for a short period of time.

Recently slashing of 3G rates by operators in urban areas has seen an increase in the number of internet users switching to 3G network. Besides speed, users can also make video calls. Though 3G is far from becoming a household concept, it is slowly increasing its database. Some of the leading operators provide 3G internet at the rate of 2G, mostly to lure customers. Though the price for 3G packs were gradually increased, it did help subscribers get a taste of better and faster internet services. This increasing competition in the internet battle has ultimately proved to be beneficial for end users.

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