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Increase YouTube Buffering Speed

Increase YouTube Buffering Speed – Step by Step Guide

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Hello Readers, YouTube are the most popular and successful online Video site, YouTube is a free video sharing website where you can share and see the videos for free, you can also comment, like and dislike the video. YouTube is created by Three PayPal Employees and owned by Google in 2006.

You can find every video on YouTube like movie, songs, serials, trailer, etc., YouTube is an online video site so users can only see the video if they have internet connectivity, but most of users have a low speed internet connection and they can’t be able to see YouTube video properly. So for this problem we are going to show you the easiest, three ways to increase YouTube Buffering Speed.

I am also suffering the Buffering problem even I have pretty good internet connection, but still I am suffering from buffering problem, Not only YouTube also sites like HBO Go, Hullu are not running properly without good Buffering speed. By using the below tricks you can increase YouTube Buffering speed easily.

Increase YouTube Buffering Speed – Methoeeds 

Join YouTube Feather Beta:

I was totally surprised when I saw the Feather Beta options in YouTube settings because I never heard about the Feather Beta feature, Feather Beta is an amazing feature which gives you better video experience in slow internet speed, it increased your buffering speed on slow internet connection.

Feather Beta is best option to increase YouTube Buffering speed, Follow the below step to active YouTube Feather Beta option

1) First of all, go to Feather Beta page By clicking here

2) Click on ‘Join the Feather Beta option’

Increase YouTube Buffering Speed

3) That’s it, Now Go and enjoy the videos. 😉


Increase YouTube Buffering speed Through PC System file

You can also increase YouTube buffering Speed by editing the System.ini File, Simply follow the below step to edit your System.ini file

1) First of all download the System.ini File by Clicking here

2) After Downloading the System.ini file Go to C drive and open Windows

Increase YouTube Buffering Speed

3) Now paste and replace the System.ini file in windows folder.


YouTube HTML 5 based Player

HTML 5 based player is the latest HTML version which helps you to get better video experience in slow internet connection, HTML 5 based YouTube player  uses it’s player to play YouTube video instead of using flash player. Follow the below steps to active YouTube HTML 5 Based Player.

1) Go to YouTube HTML 5 based player By clicking here

2) Now simply click on use HTML 5 player

Increase YouTube Buffering Speed

3) That’s it, now go and enjoy the YouTube videos in Slow internet connection 😀

After doing above step surely your YouTube buffering speed will increase.


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  1. Feather Beta has nothing to do with the buffering speed. It serves the pages with lowest latency, but has no effect on the video.
    Note of these will show a noticeable difference as you cannot reduce the size of video. The connection still needs to transfer the required data and it will all depend on the connection speed.

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