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Now Improve your Alexa Ranking in Some Easy Steps

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After Google Page rank, Good Alexa Ranking is more important to Blogs, Most of Blogs and websites are judged through their Alexa rank, every advertiser first checks the blog/website Alexa ranking, If Blog/Website have good Alexa rank then take interest in that Blog.

What is Alexa Rank?

alexa ranking booster Alexa is a popular website ranking site which is created by amazon corporations, Alexa gives the ranking to a website according to traffic and some other important factors, Alexa Ranking is updated every day. If you are blogger then good Alexa ranking is very important for your blog, and if you are here, then surely you know the importance of Alexa ranking and you want to increase your Alexa ranking.

I have an Alexa rank under 10k (India) on TechyPassion.com, you know before the 1 month my Alexa rank is about 2Lakh+ in India and Over all rank is 10lakh+, But I took some experiment on my blog and improve my Alexa rank in just 1 month, believe me if you want to Increase your Alexa ranking fast then simply follow the below steps.

alexa ranking toolbar

Method to Boost Alexa Rank Quickly?

1) Claim your Website/Blog

Claim your website at Alexa website is the first step to improve your Alexa Ranking, Alexa always give high priority to those sites which are claimed on their website.

Simply go to Alexa.com and choose the claim my website option and fill the all information and conform your website by simply putting file or code on your site.

After creating an account on Alexa you will notice that your site ranking is starting improving.

2) Install Alexa Toolbar on your Web browser

Alexa provides a toolbar through, you can check the Alexa rank of the sites which you are opened in your web browser. Alexa toolbar records the hits to your site which go through the web browser, if your site is opened on that web browser where Alexa toolbar is installed then your site Alexa ranking will increase very quickly.

You can also tell your friends to install Alexa toolbar on their web browser, If your visitors have an Alexa toolbar, then your site ranking will automatically improve, You can download the Alexa toolbar by below link.

3) Try to get more review about your site on Alexa

Alexa provides a facility to give review to a site, You can easily review any site on Alexa website, for write review simply go to Alexa website and search the site on which you want to write an review and write the review on review box.

Always encourage your visitors to write a review about your site on Alexa.

Encourage visitors to write review = More review = ↑ Increase Alexa ranking

4) Put Alexa Widget on your Blog

Alexa provides and Widget which shows your Alexa rank and backing on your site/blog, You can simply go to Alexa Widget and create your site/blog widget.

When I place the Alexa Widget on my blog, it increase my blog ranking by 15000 in a single day, If you really want to increase alexa rank fast then you should put an Alexa widget on your blog. You can create Alexa widget by below link.

  • Create Alexa Widget

5) Share your post on Social Media sites

Social media is the key to increase Alexa ranking fast, I personally do this thing, always try to share your post more and more on social networking sites, because if your site/blog is new then you need traffic and you will get traffic only by social media sites.

Share your post on Facebook, Google plus, Twitter, Reddit, Stumble Upon Etc.

Try to share your post on each and every social media sites to get more and more traffic, this method, surely will improve your blog/site Alexa ranking easily.

6) Update your Blog/Site regularly

Always try to update your blog every day, because Alexa record your present every day, If you are posting weekly or monthly then your Alexa rank never increases, If you will post regularly then surely your Alexa rank goes up and up.

More post = Search visibility = More traffic = ↑ Alexa Ranking

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7) Write an article about Alexa

increase alexa rankingAs I said Alexa record your present and keywords to monitor your website to give proper ranking and if you are writing and review about Alexa then it will surely increase chances to get good Alexa ranking.

8) Build Backlinks

If you are blogger then surely you know the importance of backlinks, backing improve your search ranking on Google as well as in other search engine, Alexa record and monitor your backing and Alexa shows it on the website, Alexa shows your backing on their website “Site linking  in”.

Good and quality backlink helps you to improve your Alexa ranking and also other search engine ranking.

9) Quality Content

Always try to write quality content on your blog/site, quality content build the trust into your visitors about your blog/site, and also quality content helps you to get good traffic from search engines. Alexa always give the good rank to quality content website, if you don’t have a good backlinks, but you have quality content then your Alexa ranking will improve automatically.

10) Never copy Content

Nobody likes the copy content, If you post a copied article on your blog/site then surely it will harm your Alexa ranking and as well as search engine ranking. Most of persons easily identify your post in single view that your article is copied or genuine and if they found you have copied content they never come back to your blog. Alexa has different tools to check your articles so don’t try to copy any type of content.

Hope you like our post and you get your answer of question “How to increase Alexa rank fast”. Simply follow the above 10 procedure and improve your Alexa ranking quickly.


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  1. I hope this post will be helpful.

    • Shreyansh, I am sure that if you follow the above tips then your alexa ranking will improve.

    • Our website readnsurf.com (belongs to our employer) which gets 3000 to 5000 unique visitors daily but still more than 100K alexa. More interestingly 60% visitors of the site (readnsurf) comes from Google search ! what to do next to reach less 100k ?

  2. Nice guide to the new bloggers who want to increase there alexa rank.

  3. Thankyou for sharing your thought about alexa.
    i am new blogger and started a blog before 5 days and my alexa rank is 1,016,292. i want to increase my alexa rank

  4. hello Harshit,
    good article indeed to increase alexa and its very important for a blog’s report

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