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Importance of Securing Data for Online Businesses

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Today, the majority of businesses, both big and small, depend on the Internet for day-to-day operations.

No matter what measures you have taken, you can always do a better job at protecting sensitive and vital data. Evaluate your security system, its weaknesses and strong points. Your business, reputation, fortune and clients are on the line here, so you can’t afford to choose an easy way out.

Even the giant corporations are prone to security breaches and are investing a great deal of money to put an end to them. Hacking and other criminal activities also prey on those companies which think they are too small to become the target, and don’t take cyber security seriously. They seek the weakest link in your system, so focus on being one step ahead of them.

Mission impossible

Keep in mind that the usual measures, like passwords, are just the first line of a multi-layer defense system. A strong encryption (such as AES standards), for example, is an essential safety measure that should be applied to all sensitive data. This makes it quite hard for third parties to access it, even if it’s stored on a public cloud.

Make an additional effort to ensure all devices and software are kept up-to-date, and thus less vulnerable to security threats. Advanced measures like fingerprint readers and retina scanners are great for identifying the users and making sure they are who they claim they are.

Technology is becoming more complex with each passing day, and many companies outsource system maintenance and support. Outsourcers and vendors most often use remote access software to connect to your network, and it’s crucial that they abide to best security practices.

Partial security measures won’t stop a professional hacker or dangerous malware from causing great damage to your business.

Now that we mention these software solutions, mind that you can use them for your own benefit, as well. Going on a vacation or a business trip doesn’t mean you should lose contact with the crucial data from your computer or office. Wherever you go, you can take your business with you.

An inside job

Backlit keyboard hacking

Many tend to overlook the fact that the greatest threat to your system can come from your own ranks. Internal attacks are dangerous because they involve people who know a lot about the company, and often have access to networks and admin accounts. Monitor and manage privileged credentials and accounts to prevent the exploitation.  

A security system should alert you if something like that does happen, and allow you to respond quickly. But sometimes it’s not an evil design, but carelessness and amateurism that can ruin your prospects.  Lost smartphone with valuable information or a negligent social network activity can be a nice gift for your competition. Thus, put effort to educate your employees and make them aware of the consequences their actions have.  

Teach them the best security practices, how to use strong passwords and avoid suspicious email and websites. It’s best to have formal and written internet security policy in place, and this should include things like social media usage. It goes without saying that everybody needs to pay special attention when handling sensitive customer information.  

Risky business

In case you keep your data off-site and employ a third party data centers for storage, there is a novelty in place. In 2008, the state of Florida passed a bill regarding surety bonds and data centers. In short, it is required by contract that a data center provides a performance bond, ensuring the fulfillment of its services, one way or the other.

Partial security measures won’t stop a professional hacker or dangerous malware from causing great damage to your business. Moreover, cyber criminal can spot a weak security system and take advantage of their poor safety policies.

Bear in mind that data theft is a risk that follows the everyday use of mobile devices, so check the mobile security solutions on the market. Stay on the safe side and keep a close eye on your employees. Beware of the potential internal menace and train employees on cyber security to avoid putting your whole business at unnecessary risk.

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