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pattern lock unlock method

How to unlock Pattern Lock? Step by Step Guide!

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Today Android is most common OS is used in the phones & everybody uses these Android cell phones. These Android is LINUX based Operating System provide by Google. This Android Cell Phone is easy to access and biggest seller of these Android are SAMSUNG & HTC & many other cell phones company also made Android based phones. Today Google Play Stores also provide various Android based apps which are free of cost & any Android phones user can download it by their inbuilt apps world of the phone. These Android based phones also provides various security apps to the protect phones & Pattern Lock App is one out of them.

unlock pattern lock

Pattern Lock provide some drawing pattern to lock the phone & provide highly security to cell phones but some time it locked phone permanently because of drawing so many wrong pattern or palying with drawing pattern that leading finally it start asking to login with Google Account but there is some problem to Unlock Pattern Lock because it display wrong User I’d & Password.

There are various reasons that people are suffering from this kind of situation:-

  • Either they don’t remember “pattern lock” I’d & Password.
  • Even they entered right I’d & Password, it won’t help because packet data is not activated.
  • Internet Setting is not installed yet.

Now the question is  How to Unlock Pattern Lock under this situation you’ll have to HARD RESET your Phone. This method Unlock Pattern lock and you can use these apps again free of cost.

(Note:-This method is means wiping all of data i.e. all installed apps & the setting you have done.)

How to unlock pattern lock – Procedure

1. Switch off your cell phone and wait until it switched off completely.

2.long press the Upper volume key, Home/Menu key and Power key until it display a window of your          SAMSUNG Phone model(ex:- Samsung Galaxy Y young).

3. Again press these three key simultaneously until window is displaying a screen i.e. ‘Android system Recovery’. 

4. Using the volume down key select the 3rd option (Wipe data/factory reset) and then press the Centre Home/Menu key.

  • Now also a window is displayed on screen.

5. Select the “Yes” option with the same key.

6. Now wait for some time until RESET is done.

7. Select the Reboot option and now your phone is Unlocked.

Though it will wipe your data and set your phone to that condition when it was purchased, it means now you can access your phone Pattern lock is now unlocked. Hope this article helps you to unlock pattern lock of your mobile phone, if you will get in problem or error then let me know in below commenting. 


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  1. Wow.. thank you harshit for the trick, you saved my 300 rs 🙂

  2. My problem is my cell phone c1-01 memory card is password protected,i am loss my password.
    Then i have no idea plz. Rply to me and mail a tips and trick about to delete my password

  3. Thank you very much, My problem is now solved..!!

  4. Oooo,u guys are great because I learn many things from you,keep it up

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