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How To Track Lost Mobile Phones

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iphone 6 pre bookingHow to Track Lost Mobile Phone
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Did you just lose your phone? Aw…. that’s terrible! But it has happened to the best of us. So where did you lose your phone? Did you lose it in the bus, or did it drop off while you were partying the night away? No doubt you’re confused and wondering how to track lost mobile phone, and if there are any tracking tools for lost mobile phone.
Well, you’ve come to the right place. The information given here will give you enough ideas on how to track lost mobile phone. Don’t give up hope on your phone just as yet – it is still possible to track it. If your lost phone is an Android phone or an iPhone, there are a plenty of smart apps which serve as excellent tracking tools for lost mobile phone.
Some of the popular tracking tools for lost mobile phones are:
 Where’s My Droid [Free]  Plan B [Free]  Android Lost Free [Free]  SeekDroid Lite [$2.99]  AntiDroidTheft [Free] All of these apps work with Android. But your Android and iPhone also have their own inbuilt tracking tools such as enabling the phone to ring at a maximum volume even when silenced, an option to remotely lock the phone as well as to send messages. Both Android and iPhone allow you to remotely erase all your data stored on them if they get stolen. But the problem with Android and iPhone is that they can be tracked only when the power is kept on. This is a drawback for sure.
Of course, the easiest way to track your phone if someone else has got it is to make a call and hope that the person who has got it turns out to be a decent person and returns it to you. But never give too many of your personal details such as address and always suggest meeting in a safe, public location. You cannot afford to take chances with your safety.
For now, read this guideline on tracking your Android phone or iOS.
How to Track Lost Mobile Phone – iOS
iPhone has a very useful Find My iPhone app which is included with every iPhone. This native iPhone app displays the phone’s location on a map. You can then track your lost iPhone’s location on a computer or on another iPhone. But the drawback of this feature is that it works only when the iPhone is turned on.
You can find your lost iPhone’s Find My iPhone app by logging onto iCloud. The app locates the iPhone and gives you additional options such as playing a sound on it, sending a message or erasing its contents completely. You don’t have to preconfigure the phone to perform these tasks.
Find My iPhone is quite simply the best tracking tool for lost mobile phone.

How to Track Lost Mobile Phone – Android
Android has several ways to find a lost phone. You can, for instance, configure Device Manager, so that when the phone gets lost, you can track it easily. A newly configured Device Manager works in much the same manner as Apple’s Find My iPhone does. You can send a message to the phone to alert anyone picking it up about the lost phone, display a single contact number using which the person who picks it up can get in touch with you. Device Manager protects your phone by erasing all the data on it so that it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.
Your other option is to use the third party apps that we listed earlier. Apps such as Plan B and Where’s My Droid for instance, allow you to track the Android device without having to preconfigure it. You can install these apps on your lost Android phone using your Gmail account and receive emails from the app every few minutes about the whereabouts of your phone. These apps communicate with the cellular towers to track the phone’s location and don’t require GPS to function.

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