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Yup.. That's how we all feel

How to Remove the Ask Toolbar

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UPDATE: Microsoft Brands Ask Toolbar as Malware (Your Computers should now warn you if you are going to accidentally install Ask)

The Ask.com toolbar is one of the worst extensions (or add-ons) for your browsers (May it be Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer.) Fortunately for those with Windows 8 and up (without Java), this toolbar is not compatible. If you have Windows 7 and below you may have accidentally installed this add on without knowing. What we don’t like about this toolbar is it uses a lot of resources (even while not used.) Most computer users find this out too late and will have to go through the whole ordeal of uninstalling this add on (malware). Before we begin with the uninstallation process, let’s first find out when you may have installed this toolbar.

Yup.. That's how we all feel
Yup.. That’s how we all feel


Java Installation Paired with Ask Toolbar Installation

Not all computer programs/apps use Java, however, there are still some programs that need it. Unfortunately, during Java setup you may unknowingly install the Ask toolbar as well by just clicking on the prompts. Below is a screenshot when you’d receive a prompt to install it.

remove ask toolbar


If you really have to install Java make sure that you untick these boxes.



Uninstalling Ask Toolbar from your Computer

Before you can disable the ask.com plugin or add-on, you must first uninstall the program from your computer. To do this, open the programs window (programs and Features) first.

1. Windows 8

  • Press Windows Key and R at the same time, type control panel in the Run window (press enter). Click on Uninstall a program in the next window.

2. Windows 7 and Vista

  • Click on start – Control Panel – Programs and Features

3. Windows XP

  • Click on start – Control Panel – Add or Remove Programs

From the program list Find Ask toolbar and click on uninstall. This step should remove the program from your computer but, there are other steps to take to ensure that it’s also removed from your browsers.


Remove Ask toolbar settings from your browser

Internet Explorer – Click on the gear icon on your browser (found in the upper right hand corner). From the drop down menu, click on manage add-ons. Under the toolbars and extensions tab, look for ask.com/ask toolbar and click remove. Now, go to the search providers tab, look for ask.com and remove it as well. Restart your computer


Google Chrome- In the address bar type in chrome://extensions/ it should populate a list of extensions currently installed in your browser. Look for Ask toolbar and click on the trashcan icon beside it. Restart your browser. This should remove ask toolbar from chrome.


Removing the ask toolbar from your browser is a pain, so try to ensure that you won’t install it in the future. Beware of Java and Mindspark products that may prompt you to install the toolbar again. Some technicians consider the ask toolbar as a hijacker as it changes settings of your browser for their marketing gains.

If you feel that your browser is hijacked by other programs or if you feel that your browser is generally slow, try to reset it to factory defaults or reinstalling the program.


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