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het back deleted whatsapp messages

How to get back deleted Whatsapp messages

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Whatsapp which has become part of lives now recently hit 50 million monthly active users in India to make India rank number one in highest number of active users, not only this it also handles more than 500 million monthly users sharing a million videos and around 10 billion messages.There are many other We must say facebook knows how to handle servers (not Facebook’s, definitely not!).  That was from whatsapp.

We Indians are no less or I should say geeks, we use two whatsapp account in one phone on which a ‘HOW TO’ was also described by us. Not all users waste their time on whatsapp some use whatsapp for work too. It has a our lot of valuable information which we never want to loose and if by mistake you have deleted that chat of yours or someone else has or whatever be the reason of loss you can always recover it. For all those who have lost their chat can get it back and prevent it from happening again by reading further.

whatsapp messages

To get back deleted whatsapp messages you need to have internet connection for idevices and android or whatsapp apk file for android, memory card if it was in phone the following night after your chat.

Ways to Recover deleted Whatsapp messages

For IOS devices (iphone,ipad)

To recover your whatsapp messages on your idevice you need to have a backup of your device in itunes or in icloud or if you have iclouds backup set up on your device then you don’t need a backup of whole device or if you don’t have that set up you can’t even manually backup your chats.

  1. Restoring the whole device using the device backup from computer.
  2. If you have iclouds backup set up then you just need to go to WhatsApp Settings > Chat Settings > Chat Backup. And if you don’t see any backup there means iclouds hasn’t been set up properly.  If you have found your desired backup then
  3. you need to uninstall whatsapp by a holding whatsapp on screen and then clicking on cross at the top right.
  4. Install it again from AppStore.
  5. Registering with the same number.
  6. Choose restore and select the desired backup.

Note: Videos aren’t backed up on iclouds and so won’t be restored.

For Android Devices

Android is much more open than IOS being open-source 😛 . Restoring and backing up data on Android is really very easy and not as technical as it is on idevices neither it is so with Google drive which offer 10 GB more than icloud which only offers 5Gb of storage space.

  1. You need to uninstall whatsapp from your android device to restore backups.
  2. Install whatsapp from PlayStore or from apk file.
  3. Register with the same number as you had earlier.
  4. After registering you’ll prompted with a restore button at the bottom.
  5. Click on that.
  6. Select the backup of your choice i.e date.
  7. Done!

NOTE: Whatsapp cannot recover messages from a backup id it is older than 7days in any case leaving apple’s whole device backup

To prevent loss of your chats you should frequently email your important conversations to email account and manually backup your chats from WhatsApp Settings > Chat Settings.

Hope you like our article “How to get back deleted Whatsapp messages”, If you have any doubt or query related to above post then let me know by below commenting.


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