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how to Block IP address

How To Block IP Addresses To Secure Your Computer

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Why is it important to know how to Block IP addresses?

The Internet has changed a lot in recent years and so hackers and malicious programs are getting stronger day by day. So, it is very important for you to take proper care of your computer or any other digital devices from hazardous and malicious programs. Also, it is more important for you to look after your  personal  information and other important data that are stored in your computer.  There are so many security and antivirus programs and software  that will help you in keeping your data and file safe.

Things are not risky when you are using your device in offline mode as most of the threats come from the  web. When you are using your PC s or  devices online  there’s need for an advance level of protection for your device to protect it from online threats. For example: there’s an software called revolt that automatically locks insecure IP’s automatically and protects your device from unwanted threats.

How to Block IP Addresses Easily

The revolt software is one of the best IP blocking software available on the internet and  it’s totally free. Bot- revolt software scans each and every connection that you device is connected with and vice versa. It scans all incoming and outgoing links with its advance database.If at the time of scanning, bot revolt finds any threat or issue then the connection will be closed and your computer will be protected automatically.
This software has turned out to be the best in the list of various MS programs like Block list Pro, I-Block list and Fraud Watch International. When you install this software on your device or PC your device will get full protection from harmful threats and IP addresses.

Install Bot Revolt and Prevent Malicious Access to your Computer

how to block IP addressesThere are two options available for to download bot revolt. One feature is that you can download it for free and in second option you can select premium version by paying a  small amount of money for more security features. Both versions will walk you through on how to Block IP addresses easily.

Overall Bot-Revolt is the best program and all you need is to just download it and install it on your computer/laptop. Also it has facilitated with extra feature that is fully compatible with antivirus software. So go and give it a try. This software is very easy to use and will walk you through on How To Block IP Addresses easily.
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