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How Do You Make Money On YouTube?

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So, how do you make money on YouTube? YouTube is the most popular video sharing website in the world. YouTube is also a cash cow – there is so much money you can make on YouTube by promoting either your own products or those of other companies. There are many YouTube marketers out there who earn six-figure incomes from their YouTube videos. Money can be made from the YouTube Partner Program as well.

So, how does one do it? How do you make money on YouTube? Achieving success on YouTube is not all that different from making money from blogging or affiliate marketing. The goal is to get as many people visit your YouTube channel as possible. Your videos should offer something unique and special to your audience and be entertaining at the same time. Remember – nobody boring ever made money on YouTube! Follow this step-by-step guide to know how to make money on YouTube.

Start a YouTube channel – This is the very first thing to do – you can create your own YouTube channel by following the simple instructions given by Google. You need to think of a great name for our YouTube channel. Also, you should use keywords in order to get noticed online. Next, pick the right background, themes and color schemes for your channel. You will have to decide whether to represent yourself as a person or as a business. Lastly, create a great feature video that serves as your introduction. Your potential subscribers will judge you by this, so ensure that your featured video is made as professionally as possible. Create a great first impression.

Upload your videos – Next, start uploading your videos, one by one. Your videos should be of a very good quality. They should inform and entertain. They should have a certain professionalism about them. Target specific niches that are both in demand and something you’re comfortable with. A YouTube video is not about the creator, but about the audience – you should give your audience what they want, and not what you like. Develop a unique style of your own.

Do your keyword research – Next, do your keyword planning. To decide on your keywords, first identify your audience – are they students interested in learning calculus, young women, interested in Yoga, amateur bodybuilders, interested in protein supplements and so on. Once you have decided who your audience is going to be, you can then select keywords that they are likely to use. The auto-suggest feature at YouTube helps you with the most relevant and in demand keyword phrases.

Promote your videos – You will have to work hard on your promotions. You should promote your YouTube channel on all popular social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, as well as the niche social networks that are relevant to what you do, such as GoodReads (for books) or imeem (for music). Ask your friends, fans and followers to subscribe to your YouTube channel. Give them great content that they will appreciate. Also, create your own website and display your YouTube videos on it – this makes it easier for your followers to find them.

Making Money on YouTube – So, how do you make money on YouTube? First, click on YouTube’s “Monetize with Ads” option when you create your YouTube account. It is important to have an account on Google AdSense as well. Next, connect your Google AdSense account to PayPal. Decide how you want to be paid and what sort of ads you want on your videos. There are two options:

  • Cost Per Click (CPC) ads – You get paid every time the ad gets clicked
  • Cost Per View (CPV) ads – You get paid when a viewer watches 30 seconds of the ad or at least half of it.

They are both great options, tinker with both and find out which option works best for you.

Become an affiliate marketer – The next step is to join an affiliate network such as Amazon Affiliates Program or Clickbank and place your affiliate’s link on your YouTube channel. You will be paid a commission every time you sell a product marketed by your affiliate. Product reviews are very popular on YouTube, so this is something you should look to do.

So this is how you can make money on YouTube. Keep fine tuning your strategy till you find something that works best for you. For more such great stuff on technology, do browse http://www.techypassion.com/.



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